America Got Talent: Call Backs 2

Puddles the Ckown

For the second week, 20 acts will perform, and 7 will move on, that leaves 13 acts to leave the competition, but will leave with their dignity that they made it through this round. They should do the same thing when American Idol comes back in the Spring of 2018. They should have new rules of how to select the best talent.

One example would be Jokgu the piano playing chicken gave the crowd a huge response when he auditions for the first time. However, when it was time for the callbacks for a second-time audition and played with another chicken. Both chickens got stage fright and one poop out an egg, I guess they were out. And I had fried chicken for supper.

For the guest judge, they brought recording artist DJ Khaled to help identify real talent for the evening.

It was no surprised that Khaled had a soft spot for one of the singers, they were other singers who were also great, but he had to pick one of the acts. I think they should change the golden buzzer rules watch all the acts first and then pick one to go to the live shows. Evidently, Khaled chooses Chase Goehring. He was trying to push the button again for Evie Clair, but it did not work, only act for each week, bummer.

Evie Clair 1

One of my favorites was Puddles Pity Party the Clown, Simon worst nightmare but this clown was special, the clown can sing. Sad clown with a fantastic voice. If this clown was on The Voice, the judges would not know who it is.  He sang a Celine Dion power ballad “All By Myself” to a huge ovation from the crowd and the judges. I bet the clown will be in the Top 5.

In the end, the judges had to choose which acts will go through the next round. I like this version of American Got Talent when the acts have to perform again for the audience and a guest judge. And the guest judge has to choose one of the acts to go through.

In this round, seven acts are saved, and they are Chase Goehring, Puddles the Sad Clown, Mirror Image, Junior and Emily, Colin Cloud, Yoli Mayor and Evie Clair.

Last week, they had Chris Hardwick, comedian and the host of The Wall a game show on NBC, gave his Golden Buzzer to 9-year-old singer Angelica Hale.

Advancing to the next round along with The Masqueraders, Sara and Hero, Singing Donald Trump, (My Favorite – don’t ask me he’s entertaining), Just Jerk, Demian Aditya, and Eric Jones

They’ll all perform at the Dolby Theater in the live rounds.

Who are your favorites?

Be sure to tune in every  Tuesday Night at 8 pm on NBC! Tuesday Night is Family Night!



Michael Phelps Got Eaten by a Shark

michael-phelps and shark

So we saw Michael Phelps race against the Great White?

Wait a minute!

Michael Phelps is racing a Great White!

No way.

This is impossible, how do you train a Great White to swim in a straight line against Michael Phelps? It’s impossible. If we can train Killer Whales to perform at Sea World, there’s no way or possible to train a Great White to swim in a straight line.

“Clearly, we can’t put Michael in one lane and a great white shark in the far lane. We are going have to do a simulation,” said Tristian Gutteridge, ecologist.

That was the great give away right there; they have to do CGI of shark swimming against Michael Phelps. It’s a simple logical explanation; we can’t put a man in the water with a great white, someone could get killed. And who get’s the medal, probably the great white. They should put Michael Phelps in a Sharkando movie; then it will be funny to see him out swim a shark. By the way, the shark won by two seconds of a point.

The whole hour of the program they talked about the speed of the sharks which was quite interesting to watch and to learn about – maybe there’s a pop quiz at the end of the show of who can out run a shark! Michael Phelps will be on the pop quiz, and it would be a wrong answer.

By the way, it was interesting to watch, however, they did it again. Remember Cannibal in the Jungle? I hope they do it again soon – it’s interesting to watch and learn, and get fool by it.


You Have Talent, You got to find!

Ever since American Idol is not on the air anymore, but it will be back, because of the judges are music producers and singers, and they know what they look for in a singer if they have a good voice and the image is right for their label then they get a record label.

If you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Voice, they had teenagers in there 15 or 16, and they had incredible voices, the judges couldn’t tell if there were adults singing on the show and they got selected by their mentors on the show.

Why are these teenagers competing on The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent because they got talent and they want to show their talent and what they got? And possible land a record deal, to do that they must work hard and compete with others in the same group with other talented people.

If you dream to be famous, don’t dream, make it real. We have community theaters in our local area, auditions for plays, if you don’t get selected – work backstage – that’s the fun part.

Don’t dream of being a director, if you have a camera that takes good video and you have a good video editor software, tell good stories about your yourself, or make Tutorials, How-to’s, or Reviews of your favorite subjects and topics. Make us laugh!

Do it as regular basis, because editing takes time and follow the guidelines on YouTube, their rules and regulations. That’s how people get notice – they entertain us. Be like them and put your own flair in it. Many actors and musicians got their starts making videos, and now they are famous. YouTube is a platform for talented people.   Stop watching YouTube videos and make a video! Entertain us!

Did you know that most casting agencies go through YouTube videos and if the video has more than a quarter of million views (250,000 – like this number) they will consider you have something. Have you checked how many views they have and compare to yours? You have to be better than them. It’s like a job interview, you have to impress people.

Twiddling thumbs

Melania Trump’s Speechwriter

speech writer

Melania-Trump kept saying that it was her own words when she made the speech a night ago, but apparently it was her speechwriter who wrote it.

Will she come back to the convention speak as Donald Trump does? He uses notes and bullet points when preparing a speech and occasionally he gives an impromptu speech, that’s when he goes a little crazy but he sticks to subject matter of what he’s going to say and throw out good one liners and zingers for that we can remember and vote for the guy? What? No!

Maybe Eric and Tiffany Trump would cover for their mother speech and write their own speech.  They should do like their father when he gives a speech to take notes and uses bullet point and focus what to say. What happens when the teleprompter goes, will the recite Abraham Lincoln speech? They should hire comedy writers to do their speech, not professional speechwriters in politic journalism. Comedy writers know how to write good jokes and poke fun at themselves in a good way and persuade us to like you and vote for you.  Never hire a speechwriter who worked with other candidates who lost the election.

The person who recognized the speech was Jarret Hill, retired journalist, who recognized the speech from 2008 when Michelle Obama gave a speech for the Democratic Convention back in 2008, it was certain phrases that he recognized and remembered?  How did he know this? He had a great memory and he looked it up on the internet.  For me I don’t remembered what I did ten years ago. Oh yeah, I was a teacher back then, I retired and now I blog.  Still no one wants to hire me as a math teacher?  I can write.

Melania-Trump speech was similar but not exact, it was like a cut and paste type. Her speechwriter put it together, when she presented, a lack of emotion. Mrs. Obama put emotion. Who was better? Still Mrs. Obama she used emotion.

I hope Eric and Tiffany use emotion when giving their speeches. Oh well.

So You Think You Are Smart: Summer Travelers

DSCF0022Ahhh, the beach, the sand, and hot bodies of people getting tan by laying on their beach towel on the hot sand. Do people actually turn over every half an hour, or just fall asleep on the hot sand? When they actually awaken, they look like a giant walking crab zombie!

Sometime people with binoculars like to scan and look at people walking along the shoreline of the ocean, looking at gorgeous bodies not running in slow motion. Then two gorgeous legs appear in front of mine binoculars. I look up and it’s a lifeguard and she ask me:

“What you doing? I heard people are complaining that you are looking at them. Would you mind putting it away?” The lifeguard said. She was wearing a red bikini and reflector sunglasses. What a body she had. She must workout.

“Sure, I am just looking for sharks” I said nervously.

“Yeah, right. Thank you.” The lifeguard said.

Then the lifeguard runs to her lifeguard stand, and I decided to look at the lifeguard through my binoculars again. What a body.

Harnes a child

Anyway, when we traveled we have to protect our children. Do you know a child gets lost every day, because they see adorable monkeys or better yet gets too close to the ocean and they see a pretty mermaid? And they get missing! Put a leash or a harness on your children and strapped them down in a stroller. They have seatbelts in them use it. Tell them it’s a rollercoaster ride and make them believe it.

Food Poision 1

If you are going to a foreign country overseas or some island by a ship cruise, don’t get food poisoning. Have you seen the news lately? Tourists are getting sick or either dying. Sometime foreign hospitals are not up to code to determine of what you got? They might say you are pregnant? What? No! And the hospital bills, that will give someone a heart attack!

Food poisoning is common when you eat something that is not cook properly. If they have a MacDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby eat there and make sure the food is properly cook.  Don’t eat food from the street you never know a fly or a mosquito landed on the food earlier ago. Sushi is out of the question, many people get sick eating raw fish that is not clean properly. I got sick once and it wasn’t good. I lost five pounds.

Carry some antibiotics for food poisoning. You never know, you will get it.

Here are some treatments that may help you:

  • Drink clear soda, non-caffeinated drinks, sports drinks, Gatorade. You’re getting enough fluid, when you’re urinating normally your urine is clear and not dark.
  • Ease back into eating. Gradually begin to eat bland food items (no spicy – it may irritated your stomach), low-fat easy to digest food, such as saltine crackers, toast, gelatin, bananas and rice. Stop eating if your nausea returns.
  • Don’t take dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine (cigarettes), fatty or highly seasoned foods, and spicy foods.
  • Rest the illness and dehydration can weakens and tire you.
  • Otherwise, call 911.

So you think you are smart

Hurray! You graduate and got a diploma from high school you are ready to conquer the world!  Eventually you work hard and study smart. You find a relationship between the subject matter you were learning, and now you have to applied what you have learned.

You can follow your dreams and pursue your passion – what more hard work to do. What you going to do this summer – goof off? You need the training and skill. Time is limited. You have four months before school starts and next year is your last year. What were you doing for the past years? Goofing off.  Studying is good, but when you have breaks in between like the holidays and administrative days off.  You could have done something. Cleaning is good, we all need to clean our rooms or the whole house, for people can be invited. Or work on the project that will sometime be your career life.

Find a team of friends that will help your career with special skills. Work on a budget. Most people started out on shoes string budget, finding cheap stuff and making it big.  People are creative when they built stuff. Put that in your resume.

Take a summer class at your local community college, a business class for perhaps. Most careers now these days want someone in management, a leader, how to do inventory, and handling money.

Get a job and work either Part-time or Full-time.  You need cash and spend it wisely, money is crucial and important, don’t buy junk that you don’t need. It’s a waste of money. You need to save for important reasons. You need a break some time. Summer is beach time! And then go back to work!

Don’t end your life to soon. Drive carefully. Everyday there is a car crash and their life is gone in an instant. Just drive carefully.

Parents always tell you that nighttime is dangerous and it is. It’s the worst, more crime happens at night until the sunrise. You hear it every day in the news there’s a crime committed day or night. If you don’t read the news then you don’t know what’s happening in the world – what Donald Trump is president? What have you done? Oh, the world is safe. Lesser crime is happening.

Always check base with your family and friends, if your parents want to put a GPS locator on you, let them. You will be safe.  And you wouldn’t be an unsolved case that happened 20 years ago.

Conjuring 2: Enfield Poltergeist


The movie opens when Ed and Lorraine did an investigation of the Amityville house in Long Island, New York. Lorraine is a clairvoyant she could sense an evil in the house. Will there be a reboot of the horror classic of the Amityville House Horror?  The 1979 and 2005 version is quite enough.

Maddison wolf is an incredible actress, her performance was absolutely fantastic and scary, I would not dare be in the ally with her and when she goes all evil.

The children in this movie did an excellent performance and this was their first acting job in a horror film.  I wonder what agent told their parents that their child would be working in a horror film.

“Your child will be in horror film, they will be torment by evil spirits and it pays $5,000 a day,” said the agent.

“Great. I need them to get a job and I need the money to get them nice things,” a parent would say.

The directional by James Wan was brilliant, his camera angles and continuing shots takes you inside the life the Hodgson family. Some of the scenes did make me jump, but the girl who was sitting next to me told me to get off her lap. It may not scare you, there were some scenes may be too intense for younger children. Remember these events happened to them. And evil spirits can follow you, that’s what happened to Loraine from the Amityville house. She would not go back to that house anymore.

There was one particular scene when they were interview the devil, originally Hogdson family did not want to tell that story they will sue the writers. But the writers was clever enough to do it and use a blur effect which was intense and clever. Janet was completely blurred out and her voice was deepen with a voice actor. And one could see the devil face immerging out of the blurring scene.  The dialoguing came straight out of the actually recording of the conservation in 1977 on tape.

Many non-experts though it was prank, that the children would do anything to get attention, but where’s the proof of this incident. Children did not have the knowledge to do this, remember this was in 1977. Computers and the internet was not invented by this time for the public. How is it possible a child could lift a table and throw it across the room? They do not have the strength to do this and bending a ladle.

This movie made you believe that if you make a homemade sprit board, evil spirits can come in. Don’t do it, just close it. Or suffer the consequences of evil in your house. If someone spots you levitating or walking on the walls. Get out of the house.

Ed and Lorraine have a museum of haunted items in their home.

Overall this is a great horror film, do not bring children, if you do they will get nightmares. I give it 8 out of 10.

Go to church!