Sofia Got prank on AGT LIVE

I am a big fan of America’s Got Talent because people we judge can inspire us to be better. It doesn’t matter what job or background of where we come from can inspire us to do better. The world is in a better place when we see talented people perform on the biggest stage on America’s Got Talent.

Because we need to be entertained right now while the news media is bombarded with bad news every day, we need something different. We need to laugh.

Watching America’s Got talent can take you out of your depression, but don’t humiliate yourself in front of your friends; try the world’s biggest stage. More humiliation and see if people like it or not. You will never know someone will like it or not. It’s entertaining.

For example, when Jimmie Herrod walks across the stage. Very posed young gentleman and when Simon Cowell asks him what song he was going to sing. Jimmie said “Tomorrow” from Annie. Simon said, “Do you know that is my worst song in the world.” And ask him if he had a second song. Jimmie wanted to sing it.

Do you know everybody lives under a rock, and we don’t even know what talented people we have out there? People are extraordinary and accomplish by their skills, and I don’t hate Simon Cowell at all. He’s a great judge and likable.

When Jimmie Herrod sang, that’s what we felt. Will they be sunshine tomorrow and turn the grey sky that we had over the past year when we have the virus pandemic. It’s the song of hope. He moved us to tears. He drove us with the emotion that we felt over the past year. But please, let him sing it to us. Don’t let your teenager sing it. He is much better. His voice is incredible, and his smile is infectious. Even Simon was very impressed by his voice,  and not Simon’s worst song anymore. Sofia Vergara pulled a Simon Cowell moment that wasn’t great, but she loves it and gave him the golden buzzer to go to the live show after the Olympics on NBC. 

Watch here. [ or video]

We need to laugh, and Josh Blue brought the house down, not literally, but he’s a comedian with cerebral palsy, and he will make you laugh. His humor made me laugh.  Watch here.

Simon Cowell pulled a prank; of course, Howie Mandel pulls better tricks than him, but Simon had help with Amberlynn and Ryan Stock from season eleven in 2016. Amberlynn and Ryan Stock are the comedy and danger act by using a crossbow and shooting arrows at balloons over their head. Balloons are better than apples.

Amberlynn and Ryan Stock ask Simon and Sofia to be part of their act. So they went. Sofia will pull the trigger and shoots the arrow at Simon with a balloon over his head. Sofia was blindfolded, and she had to listen to instructions from Amberlynn, who is preparing the prank, by removing the arrow from the gun, and Simon with the crew putting a fake arrow into his chest to make Sofia believe that she killed Simon Cowell on stage. When she uncovers her blindfold, she saw Simon on the floor with an arrow in his chest. And she was frightened to see Simon on the floor. At the same time, the crew acted terrified of what they saw. Simon popped his head up and asked Sofia to come closer and say, “Gotcha, it’s a prank.”

Sofia was furious the Simon prank her live on AGT, and Sofia is thinking of getting revenge. Watch here.

Please watch America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night on NBC. You will never know who will perform or do extraordinary acts. It sure beats watching CNN the whole day. We know wear a mask for protection when you go out in a public store. News are depressing.