Hal Sparks, comedian, and actor had witnessed a UFO back home in Kentucky when he was young. 

He is best known as Spiderman 2(2004), Extract (2009), Best Presidency Ever (2020), if you haven’t seen it, it is quite good. Also, he is known for the Disney Lab Rats series (2012 – 2016); this was my favorite show to watch. He will be doing a reboot of Queer as Folks coming soon. He is an actor and a comedian. If you haven’t seen him perform, please check out his page since he is a comedian and has a regular YouTube show, which is quite funny. 

In 1977 in Peaks Mill, Kentucky, he lived in the wooded area. Since his parents were out for the evening, he and his friends gather around the TV to watch some cartoons; those were the good old days. While they were watching TV, strange lights were coming from the woods. Hal Sparks and friends were curious about what was out there. It couldn’t be a Star Wars craft because that was a fantasy movie, but what they saw was real. So what they do, they go out to investigate. They run into the woods and follow it until they get a better clearing. And it stops. They stop too. The craft with pretty lights was staring at them. Hal and his friends got a good glimpse of what he saw. It was a UFO hovering over them.

Then suddenly, in the morning, they woke up back in the house. How did they get back in the house? Was it teleportation? Was it abduction? But how? Did they get a probe? No probe marks on their bodies. They were confused, and they don’t remember what happened. It was like time had passed. 

In 1993, Hal Sparks moved to Los Angeles. He was a research assistant for a screenwriter, and he told him to get some information about UFO abductions for a film project. His room was filled with library books and books from the bookstore in his room or an apartment. He read books like Project Blue Book, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Area 51, and Area 52. (Yep, there’s an area 52 too, not making this up) and the true story of alien encounters and abductions. In one document that he read, it said 

‘If you have been drawn to this material about UFOs, it is more likely because you’re one of the abductees and that runs in your family, and the aliens are tracking your heredity line.” 

Hal Sparks was paranoid, and he panicked. 

It was Thanksgiving the following year. Hal Sparks went back home to Kentucky. His Grandmother asked him how he was doing in LA. He told her that he is working on a script for a screenwriter, and he is a research assistant for him, and it is about alien abduction and UFOs.  

His Grandmother was a little nervous talking about it, and his great grandfather had witnessed a UFO or abduction in the 1940s. 

His great grandfather didn’t want to talk about it because he had witnessed it, and he didn’t want to tell the story. His great-grandfather wanted to shoot the aliens because he didn’t want to be taken. His Grandmother even witnessed a UFO sighting too. It runs in the family. And the aliens are tracking you; that’s when the paranoid sinks, that aliens are watching you