It’s not my life, that’s your life. People live on Social Media Sites, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There are many sites out there, but people have to be careful in how to use it, especially teenagers. They love to chat and post pictures of themselves doing crazy stuff. You know what they do on it. Getting attention to be popular in a bad way, that’s how they get arrested and go to jail for their consequences.

But it’s pays the price in the future when the get a real job. What you post now can ruin your career and life forever! Having a voice and opinion can ruin your life too, it can be embarrassing and the humiliation, that’s no good. Learn from people mistakes and it comes to haunt you.

How can you turn it around? It may be difficult to do. But you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as a social media marketer, promote something. Free advertising for businesses.

Where do you work? How many friends do you have on sites? Are they local in your area? If they are local then tell people to come out and enjoy the fun!

Even your local community newspaper may have some events coming in your area.  Just read the newspapers! The best resource you have! Is the newspaper and it is still popular and better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In fact newspapers use these as social media sites to market their news and events that is going on in your area. Take advantage.

Remember some of your friends maybe boring, but the news or a major event in your local community area may be interesting to come out and see what is going on. Who wants to become bored and watch TV the whole day?  Or the internet? Take a day off from the internet and enjoy the good weather you have! And read a book!