DSCF0022Ahhh, the beach, the sand, and hot bodies of people getting tan by laying on their beach towel on the hot sand. Do people actually turn over every half an hour, or just fall asleep on the hot sand? When they actually awaken, they look like a giant walking crab zombie!

Sometime people with binoculars like to scan and look at people walking along the shoreline of the ocean, looking at gorgeous bodies not running in slow motion. Then two gorgeous legs appear in front of mine binoculars. I look up and it’s a lifeguard and she ask me:

“What you doing? I heard people are complaining that you are looking at them. Would you mind putting it away?” The lifeguard said. She was wearing a red bikini and reflector sunglasses. What a body she had. She must workout.

“Sure, I am just looking for sharks” I said nervously.

“Yeah, right. Thank you.” The lifeguard said.

Then the lifeguard runs to her lifeguard stand, and I decided to look at the lifeguard through my binoculars again. What a body.

Harnes a child

Anyway, when we traveled we have to protect our children. Do you know a child gets lost every day, because they see adorable monkeys or better yet gets too close to the ocean and they see a pretty mermaid? And they get missing! Put a leash or a harness on your children and strapped them down in a stroller. They have seatbelts in them use it. Tell them it’s a rollercoaster ride and make them believe it.

Food Poision 1

If you are going to a foreign country overseas or some island by a ship cruise, don’t get food poisoning. Have you seen the news lately? Tourists are getting sick or either dying. Sometime foreign hospitals are not up to code to determine of what you got? They might say you are pregnant? What? No! And the hospital bills, that will give someone a heart attack!

Food poisoning is common when you eat something that is not cook properly. If they have a MacDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby eat there and make sure the food is properly cook.  Don’t eat food from the street you never know a fly or a mosquito landed on the food earlier ago. Sushi is out of the question, many people get sick eating raw fish that is not clean properly. I got sick once and it wasn’t good. I lost five pounds.

Carry some antibiotics for food poisoning. You never know, you will get it.

Here are some treatments that may help you:

  • Drink clear soda, non-caffeinated drinks, sports drinks, Gatorade. You’re getting enough fluid, when you’re urinating normally your urine is clear and not dark.
  • Ease back into eating. Gradually begin to eat bland food items (no spicy – it may irritated your stomach), low-fat easy to digest food, such as saltine crackers, toast, gelatin, bananas and rice. Stop eating if your nausea returns.
  • Don’t take dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine (cigarettes), fatty or highly seasoned foods, and spicy foods.
  • Rest the illness and dehydration can weakens and tire you.
  • Otherwise, call 911.