Journalist Can’t Report


When would journalist – today, to wait there turn to ask a question? Every day, Journalist are trying to get a sound bite, a quote from President Trump. And they take that quote and twist it around. And better yet accuse the president of what he did.

The Midterm election is over, Democrats won the house, and the Republicans won the Senate. The other day, I overheard, a teen-adult who did not vote said “There’s a midterm election? Do we have to study?”

Journalist – today, can not report the facts. They want President Trump to Fail.

Who’s the bully now?

And you can’t impeach President. He has done nothing wrong in the White House. There’s a law about that!

I voted for Hillary Clinton, to be the first female president, but she had too many baggages. Benghazi incident where several US troops got killed. Here.  And the Clinton scandal with an intern in the 1990’s. The Intern life is ruin.  I don’t want to mention her name in this blog, it’s disrespectful or tag her name. For the Clinton’s, she is walking her dog. Probably looking for the emails that she destroyed. Don’t care.

The journalist of the social media and media news is not reporting of what’s he’s doing in the White House. Or make a racial statement.  We all know his background of what he did.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta has been removed as the White House Correspondent reporter, what he did was an inappropriate on-air confrontation with the President. They never did this when  President Obama was president, that’s another story to write about – it would be a novel.

When would the news media get their facts right and report what he’s doing in the white house? They will never write about that, they will continue to write FAKE news, and that sells. Make accusations, or speculate of what if he would do this. Just put on a documentary special on CNN  of a president to fill in a gap. Is there a UFO sighting to report, that’s news! Winter storm is approaching. Someone found Santa Claus tombstone. He’s dead. Cancel Christmas!

When would the media act responsible to President Trump?

Do remember the missiles crisis in Korea? We were safe. President Trump handles that.

Do you want to be safe?

Oh, by the way, this list of executive orders that he signed and this is from CNN  (not fake news, it’s real) here  (2017)

Here’s another list here  (2018)

These executives orders were mention in the news,  but it flew over the reporters head like they don’t care.

How come the news media are not talking about that?

President Trump is working as the President of the United States. He’s not playing golf in one of his golf retreats. Or sliding across the floor wearing his socks and shorts in the White House. He’s a busy guy. He is keeping us safe.

Teenagers are Smart

Maybe teenagers are smarter than us, for me, I was stumped. We tell our children to be more responsible and work hard, which is good. Working hard and being responsible is the key to be successful in high school.

I was going to a dinner party in Virginia and the family invited my dad and me to come along with them, which was great. Most of the time I would stay home, they wanted me to come too. Ever since my mom passed away a few months ago, it would be creepy to stay alone in the house. The floors would creek, which was me stepping on the floor while walking. The cabinet’s door would open by themselves, which was me again opening the cabinet to get a glass. Then the refrigerator door would open, which was not me.  It really opened. I need to go out. I was not scared.

My dad and I sat near the windows of the vehicle while the son’s father was driving us to Virginia. The son sat in the middle of the seat. I wanted peanuts and drink, but they did not have it. Anyway, the son is very talented; he’s in the High School Band and the drama.  So, he started to play games in the car, which is good for a long drive and short trip to Chesapeake Virginia. I had to guess which song he was singing. He was doing it like Hollywood Game Night version of How do you doo? I have to guess the song while he sang the song. The category was Disney Musicals. I got every musical right he sang – not! That’s embarrassing. I got one right. “The Little Mermaid”, maybe two and “Let it go” from Frozen, that was humiliating and fun. Let’s do it again and this time give me a warning.

Either I need to get out more or watch Disney Musicals.

Winter Spring on the First of day Spring

Is it Spring or Winter? Is it Winterspring? A couple of days ago it was summer, people were wearing their flip-flops and shorts and going to the beach. Or cleaning up there yard – spring cleaning.

Now we are having Winter Storm Regis, (that’s the name of the storm)

It brought hail in Texas, and it is raining in Florida, not your sunshine state anymore. Regis Philbin is not happy, because they name a storm after him.

“Florida has more potholes, the other day, it’s a small world disappear,” said Regis Storm, I meant Regis Philbin.

Bears are confused because should they go back to sleep or just stay up. Either they like the Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimble, just go back to sleep. It’s confusing.

Did You Know: 2016 will bring the earliest arrival of spring of our lifetime (thus far!) in the Northern Hemisphere?

The seasons are caused as the Earth, tilted on its axis, travels in a loop around the Sun each year. Summer happens in the hemisphere tilted towards the Sun, and winter happens in the hemisphere tilted away from the Sun. As the Earth travels around the Sun, the hemisphere that is tilted towards or away from the Sun changes. For the Spring and Fall is either behind or in front of the sun.

Or is it mother nature mad at us for throwing a tantrum of a storm at us, because it wasn’t on its axis point.

Remember climate change is very important into to us. So if we freeze Donald Trump and dump him into the artic, will he freeze? He can be the first Ice Age man of the future. Nah. Just remember climate change is important. Ride a horse to work and school.

Another one is the allergies and colds we are having, they occur when the weather changes from hot to cold in a couple of days.

The best way to cure yourself from colds and allergies, is too make good hot soup. Here’s a video link from my YouTube page. I make this a lot when I get a cold or when I have an allergy attack, and it works. You can use either chicken soup or tomato soup. The Ginger and Garlic cloves, they fight bacteria in your body and it works. Just follow the instruction. Sorry for the music. Please Try this soup.