Watch  Hunter King on The Young and the Restless on CBS
Watch Hunter King on The Young and the Restless on CBS

If you have been watching Young and the Restless for the past few months, or the past forty-eight years, or catch up on the soaps the following day because we are back at work.  Then we need our T.V. friends, not “Friends,” but our soap opera friends.

Yep, we are lonely, and I need real friends soon.

Anyway, we can catch up on paramount plus and CBS on-demand. During the pandemic of Spring 2020, Hollywood shut down due to COVID-19, and they had to show something else.  They show the classic episodes of Young and The Restless for the past nine months, and it was still interesting to watch. But I wanted to know what will happen next. Like Who Shot J.R. (Dallas, 1978 -1991) and we had to wait, they were other dramas, like the President Drama at the White House, that was boring to watch. Luckily Bold and the Beautiful was on; that was interesting to watch too. You know what I mean.

While I was watching the recent episodes of the Young and the Restless, the character of Summer (Hunter King) is turning heads on the show. She has a new look; it was the fashion and makeup to make her look more confident and beautiful. And she delivers her lines perfectly. If she wins another award for an outstanding young actress in a drama series for Young and the Restless for 2021. I want to congratulate her. I am just a fan of the show and her. Keep her. 

Who else watches the show?

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