Hurray! You graduate and got a diploma from high school you are ready to conquer the world!  Eventually you work hard and study smart. You find a relationship between the subject matter you were learning, and now you have to applied what you have learned.

You can follow your dreams and pursue your passion – what more hard work to do. What you going to do this summer – goof off? You need the training and skill. Time is limited. You have four months before school starts and next year is your last year. What were you doing for the past years? Goofing off.  Studying is good, but when you have breaks in between like the holidays and administrative days off.  You could have done something. Cleaning is good, we all need to clean our rooms or the whole house, for people can be invited. Or work on the project that will sometime be your career life.

Find a team of friends that will help your career with special skills. Work on a budget. Most people started out on shoes string budget, finding cheap stuff and making it big.  People are creative when they built stuff. Put that in your resume.

Take a summer class at your local community college, a business class for perhaps. Most careers now these days want someone in management, a leader, how to do inventory, and handling money.

Get a job and work either Part-time or Full-time.  You need cash and spend it wisely, money is crucial and important, don’t buy junk that you don’t need. It’s a waste of money. You need to save for important reasons. You need a break some time. Summer is beach time! And then go back to work!

Don’t end your life to soon. Drive carefully. Everyday there is a car crash and their life is gone in an instant. Just drive carefully.

Parents always tell you that nighttime is dangerous and it is. It’s the worst, more crime happens at night until the sunrise. You hear it every day in the news there’s a crime committed day or night. If you don’t read the news then you don’t know what’s happening in the world – what Donald Trump is president? What have you done? Oh, the world is safe. Lesser crime is happening.

Always check base with your family and friends, if your parents want to put a GPS locator on you, let them. You will be safe.  And you wouldn’t be an unsolved case that happened 20 years ago.