First, we had the Coronavirus pandemic, and that made us stay home so we would not get the virus. Now the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a cop. An innocent black man and this cop used some pressure on his neck to subdue the man. Apparently, he did not listen to what the guy was saying to him.

“I can breathe!” eight times to the cop. 

What did the cop do?

He did not listen to him. 

This cop will have nightmares for the rest of his life. 

Will he die? We don’t know?

And now we have looters and riots in the street of every city in every state. Destroying business, and we just came out from Coronavirus. 

Is this right? People are saying, “What is going on?”

People are crazy. They have no morality in life. 

How do we support a person who got killed? Looting and Rioting? 

George Floyd is dead. 

The cop is in jail and waiting for trial.

How can we have a trail when we have a horror of violence on our TV every night in the news. 

This is way worse than movies’ that glorifies violence. 

The real violence is reality. Real violence is in the news, not movies!

We have too many liberals governors and mayors who do not want President Trump to help stop violence in their state. This is lousy leadership for them. And they thought President Trump has bad leadership quality. It looks like it backfires!

People in America don’t have any sense at all. And no morality either. 

They are not making President Trump look bad. They are making themselves look bad. 

This is not rocket science psychology, everybody. 

We are destroying ourselves.

Get your crap together. 

The Governors and Mayors have to ask The President of the United States for help. It’s the law. It’s The Insurrection Act of 1807, what is it? It is United States federal law (10 USC §§ 251–255; prior to 2016, 10 USC §§ 331–335) that empowers the president of the United States to deploy US military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion.

They think if they ask President Trump for help, they believe he will win. He’s our president. He is helping America. He sent a Medical Ship to New York for the coronavirus outbreak and a MASH like a unit hospital in one of their stadiums. Did they use it? No. They think he is doing a Public Relations stunt for his reelection in November. Really people? Do you want people to live or die? 

Several states have asked President Trump to stop violence, and he sent the national army to help. Other states like New York, the epicenter of violence and riots, are not happy with how the Governor and the Mayor are NOT asking for help. If they make a particular deal, then President Trump will send the national army to stop the violence. 

We can support the George Floyd Family Click here. Marching is good, if you want to get rain on during a downpour, that will slow down a little. We could sing. We could dance. We could be creative. 

Looting and rioting do not solve anything, it destroys property, and once everything is over. Do you know how much it will cost to rebuild the city that the people have destroyed? If you see the cost of milk and bread going up and dollar tree stores will have difficulty keeping in stock. 

Insurance and taxes will increase in those states because of destruction. Have you noticed why your bill is high? 

Stay Safe Out There.