Corriher Lipe Middle School in Landis North Carolina

Corriher Lipe Middle School  In the 1940’s, Larry the janitor was in the boiler room of the school he was cleaning when suddenly the boiler blows up and killing him.

69 years later, you can hear door slams and things moved. One teacher who worked late at night cutting paper in the workroom. When she heard someone in the hall, she looked out and no one was there, again she heard it. She checks out the whole school and no one was there. Not too far from the workroom, she felt a cold brush passed by her, but the temperature in the building was in the 70’s. She went back to the workroom and the trashcan was gone.

When teachers would work late, small children could be heard, but not seen and you can hear an old man voice moaning and roaming in the corridor of the school.

From personal experience, Jessica Huff, a teacher and her daughter were designing a bulletin in the classroom. They were alone together, when they heard footsteps outside their classroom. Not knowing whom it was, her daughter went out to investigate who it was. Moments passed and her daughter did not come back. She was scared and wanted to know what happened to her. It was a big school.

She stepped out the door and saw her daughter’s arm up in the air. Like holding on to something and she was talking to someone. Jessica called her daughter back and asked what she was doing. Her daughter explained: she was just walking and talking with the nice old man. Possibility the Janitor?

Another incident happened, One teacher had some students working on a project one night and when it was time to leave. The teacher asks the students to inspect the building and to make sure no was there. When they came back from inspection, they were frightened. They heard running footsteps that wasn’t theirs and voices of children in the stairs.

Ghosts have been reporting as being seen and heard across the Gym. Doors opening and closing with no there.  A hazy figure of young girl wandering in the hallways. A gust of heavy, damp—cold air rushing through the 2nd floor. Voices of children after hours. The figure of the custodian was seen in the boiler room where he was killed. He has been seen roaming the hallways watching the children at the school.

This is a TRUE STORY

Is your school haunted?

38 thoughts on “Corriher Lipe Middle School in Landis North Carolina

    1. Oh it’s haunted alright the other story hardely anyone knows is that a kid died moving some furniture upstairs he ha a whole in his heart and died from a heart attack one time I went to touch a radiator and it felt cold the air around it did so I sat on it and it was burning hot am I’m like WTF?

  1. I went to that school the past 3 years and we had some semi-ghostly experiences there. Once we were sitting in class and we heard loud footsteps in the hall. We looked outside and nobody was there. Then another time we were sitting in the same class and we heard something go past the door(again nothing to be found) and one of my classmates’ crutches slammed to the floor.

    1. In tha 700 building u can hear really loud steps goin up steps and my teacher got mad and was goin to tell them to quite down and no one was there and teachers said no one had even been out of their class rooms in a while

  2. This year will make my second year at Corriher Lipe Middle School, & i have not saw anything, but i’ve heard things. One time i was in class, & the door opened & closed all threw the day. We thouhgt it may have been the wind coming in from the window, or the fan. But that was not the case, because the next day we made sure the window was shut, & the fan was off. & this still seemed to occur. Also me & a friend was at a after school event, & had to use the restroom. So we desided to walk to the locker room. The locker room was locked up for the afternoon, so we walked down to the gym. All the lights were of, so it was VERY dark! While we was walking threw the gym, we heard some noise, & we got a little scared. On the way back out of the gym, we saw someone sitting in the bleachers, moving around. We said is “anyone there”, & there was no response. We ran out very quikly. So i do belive that Corriher Lipe Middle School is haunted!!

    1. i went there in the middle eighties and i heard footsteps in the old gem all the time. buddies use to play basketball there real late at night{dont ask how we got in lol] and heard footsteps to the piont we though we were being watched but no one was there

  3. This is my 3rd year going there and i have never heard the nosie. but one day in science my friends told me that the door was shut and they heeard the door knob jiggel and no one was there. then the door slung open and again no one was there. and one time in art they heard a voice in the vents and it was moaning. but is the school on top of a grave yard? people have told me that 2!

  4. this is my 1st yr. at CL…i never saw anything but once me and my friend were in the bathroom near thee cafeteria we heard something and it was like kids whispering she got scared and leaft me by my self…. i got scared too

  5. I have heard stuff there..
    Me and my friends were sittin on the bleachers during gym,I was laying against the wall and I heard music,I figured it mustve been the music our coaches played since they always did but then I put my head up and no music was on. I was freaked out,it was like whispering&singingg..
    Nd a group of gurls looked down there after me and my friend had heard it,one said they saw something..
    Oh and an exploritorie teacher saix he saw an un-explain light?? Idk but i waz creeped out..I honestly think its haunted,Ive heard several stories;like the bloody trophy&other junkk..
    And the bathroom beside the Cafeteria;is supposively haunted coz ppls said that some girl got beat up and blood got in the big sink thingy..
    I just get eerie feeling in that bathroom&the gym bathroom..

  6. I’m possitive the school is haunted. This is my first year going to Clms but I’m sure something paranomal is going on in this school. Just today me and three of my friends stayed behind in the classroom to finish up on some work while the sixth grade wnt to the auditorium to watch a movie. One of my friend said her back was burning I lifted up her shirt and she had three stratches across her back, there was no possible way she did it, because she bites her nails to the quick. Moments later my back was burning same thing, My friend took a picture of our backs and showed it to me I was so frightened. We all heard foot steps and strataches and unexplained conversations. I even went down the whole sixth grade hallway nothing, no one was there all the doors were closed. In the gym many things have happened to me and two of my friends, I was walking to the bathroom all of a sudden in the corner what sounded like it was a yound girl was mumbling, I thought it was just my imagination but I looked across the room to see my friends shocked i ran back over there they had heard it also. If you don’t believe this take consideration to turn the lights off somewhere in the school, I’m sure something will happen. I hope I come to discover more of the paranormal during the next two years I will be going to Clms.

  7. This is my 3rd year at CLMS and i have heard sooooo many stories.
    -tha gurl getting her head slamed in tha locker in the locker room and dyin
    -tha boy who died on tha football team
    -the janitor (and yea i have heard him)
    -tha bloody trophy and tha guy in tha gym and tha light fell on his head
    -tha 6th grade gurls bathroom being haunted
    -tha 7th building across tha street died
    Well i decided to ask a teacher that i knew would tell tha truth!!! So the janitor was real and the boiler blew up on him and killed him but now they tore down that part of skool and re-built it bc it was really scary to tha teachers. Tha boy in tha gym yea tha light did fall on his head but he dident die!! The football player died of a heat stroke on tha field at practice but all my friends play and they have never seen him but they said one night they were practing late and tha field lights turned on by themselfs. The gurl in tha 6th grade bathroom was in tha big stall fell and busted her head and died and they say that here and tha janitor walk tha halls still…… Nothing about the locker rooms were real though. I played on tha softball team and our coach would pick and play with us by slaming lockers and blimking the lights when we were changing. I was talking to my teacher again and she said that a boy over tha summer was helping move books and upstairs and he had a heart problem that they dident know and so where tha door that u go in tha stairs to tha right and tha gurls bathroom is too tha left he fell down tha stairs and then got up thinking he was ok and walked a few more steps to tha door and died right there at tha door!!!!!!!!!!!! True my teacher has been there for ever and wouldent lie! Also she said tha audourtourm the ast. principle says there can be no lights on but he will see light go across tha room and he thinks its tha janitor. This boy i know who is a year older than me he has been in tha audutorium by him self and them u turn away from tha crowd and u can heard tha chairs creak he said it worked.. Really scary and very hard to believe until u do it ur self!!! COMMENT and let me know how it works out and hope u enjoy CLMS as much as i did!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Also i found out this year it was 2 people who dies from tha boiler.. and there is a ghost chair in tha audurtium abd noo one sits there a man one night a coule years ago was sitting there in a band concert and had a heart attack and died…..

  8. I am a 7th grader in Corriher-Lipe, and our math teacher has a giant closet and inside in the back corner there is a bloody L, which stands for Lary, the janitor who died in the boiler room.

  9. Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll
    just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any helpful hints for inexperienced blog writers?

    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  10. Hey I use to go to this school like 2 or 3 years ago a d u didn’t like it it scared me, like everyday I had to walk with someone in the Halls because I am a scary cat…

  11. I am currently going to this school i am in the 8th grade. The story about the janitor is true. But there is another. A student went to CLMS and i belive that he was in the 8th grade. He was going down the 8th grade stairs and he had a heart attack and fell down and passed away. Some students say that when you are going up or down the stairs you might feel someone pushing you or you cant breathe. Also a friend of mine was using the bathroom and when she was washing her hands she heard someone say her name but no one was there.

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