Hollywood Beach Resort

In this beautiful beachfront vacation at the Hollywood Beach Resort, you can cruise this historic hotel on Hollywood Beach in port everglades. With a renovated boardwalk, you can walk, ride your bike, rollerblade, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the stunning ocean. There’s even a shuttle service to and from the airport. 


In 1925, the Hollywood Beach Resort was built by Joseph Young; it would be the next Hollywood in southeastern Florida.  It was situated squarely in front of the bridge entrance to the city; the resort received celebrity status as one of the grand resort hotels of the period. This was Al Capone’s favorite place to visit. This beautiful structure was once a hospital, bible college, and a hotel in the 1990s. 

And it was redeveloped into a new hotel which included a mall on the first two floors. There are some shops, cafes, and restaurants in the building. It’s great for grabbing a snack or breakfast. Outside the hotel, there are other fantastic restaurants nearby. 


There are rumors it may be haunted because during the 1930’s they had prostitutes and stored bodies in the hotel. The place is enormous. If you see shadow figures in the hallway or the corridors or hear strange sounds, either you can leave or stay. Talk to your caretaker. Remember, there are no refunds.

When I was there, I did not see or hear anything. I was lucky. It was a great place, and the view was spectacular. I enjoyed the beach and the city life. And nothing was missing in my room.  So book a room and have fun at the beach in Hollywood Beach in Florida. 

I used Airbnb to get better deals, and they did not disappoint me. I had fun and you will too. 

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