Pasha and Aliona on America’s Got Talent

If you are a superfan of America’s Got Talent like I am, then you will know who will go to the live show after the Olympics on NBC is over. I can’t wait.

Over 150 acts got the judges “yes” votes, but 36 acts will go through. Who will it be on the live show? That’s surprising that we are going to see when the live shows start. The judges will have a difficult time picking who will go through to the live show. Will it be your favorite? Or the judges?  Most would be the comedians that made us laugh, such as Watch here

Mike Goodwin watch here


Michael Winslow watch here

We need to laugh during these difficult times we have today. We need a laugh. Do you agree with the choices?

Other acts

Dflex a contortionist from Nigeria.

Sergio Paolo from Chile and family from Colombia, who did a juggling act, it was fantastic. Watch!

Pasha and Aliona, did incredible act, weird and funny. It got me us surprised. It’s must See TV on NBC!

Other acts such as these acts. Click here to watch

Please check out these compilations’ acts and golden buzzer acts too. But, there is one act that will make you smile, and he is the best. Click here to watch.  

When the show comes back, be sure to register and vote for your favorite acts on America’s Got Talent page. Click here. And voting will open soon.