Ever since my mom passed away, people are asking me: am I depressed? I would say no. Then they would see a rope.

“What’s the rope for?”

“I used it for exercising my arms,” I am truly working out more, to feel young; and looked great. My mom would have like it if I go to the gym more often to exercise, too lose the fat around my waist and my belly. I wanted a six-pack before I turn 50 in May.

I like the rope exercise. It’s good for the arms and I could feel my muscles popping out of my arms.

When I go to gym, I would see a lot of young people working out. Wow people that I don’t know who live in this small town working out in this gym. I feel old. Not that old. I dropped my cane – I meant my mouth.

My eyes popped open, gorgeous bodies everywhere working out on exercise machines, I need to feel young again. I am young again. In my 50’s!

I don’t feel old. I looked young from the outside but for inside I am old. Five years from now, I could claim for senior citizenship and get discounts on salads. I looked like the young Dick Clark from American Bandstand from the 1970’s. And I met him too. In the 1970s, when I was a teenager.

Sometime when I go to grocery stores, I would get carded by teen adults who worked as cashiers. They looked at my ID and see that I am 50.

“You don’t look 50 to me. You looked like you are 30.”

Wow, I feel young again. Then they called customer service representative over the PA system, that’s embarrassing. The manager would come up and say that I am good. And I got my milk.

Did you know I went to my 30th anniversary of my class reunion last year in 2015? I graduated from high school in 1985 at Northeastern High School. I still see some of my classmates at the store. They age graceful into their age. For me I still haven’t aged. I looked the same when I was in high school.

And some of their children who are in their teens would look at me and they will flirt with me and ask me to the prom! I am older than their parents! Then I would make a hand gesture to call me, not to their daughters but to their parents.

By the way, I am working out more. Talking to friends and participating in my local community theater. I need to stay busy.