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Toby Tate, author, singer. and writer of several blockbuster books such as Lilith, Primordial Lilith trilogy book 2, and The Cain Prophecy Lilith trilogy book 3. Toby Tate has written a screenplay of the famous Nell Cropsey that was murdered in 1901 and haunts the house in Elizabeth City, NC.

The title is Skinwalker, it’s a supernatural, mystery, suspense and horror story based on actual historical events of Nell Cropsey and Native American Mythology (the Skinwalker).

To make this movie possible, we need a lot of investors, like you to make this happen and be a part of it too. Go to Skinwalker’s GoFundme page and a make donation and make it happen.

Orange St Flims Logo 1

Orange St Films began as a small company which has grown in ten years to a full-scale production facility out of Wilmington, NC.

Orange St. Films produced successful 2009 horror movie, The Jailhouse with C Thomas Howell,  The Outsiders, Red dawn, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the Terrible Two with Donny Boaz The Great Debaters, Alternate Realities, is set to release in 2017.

The film will show much of the Elizabeth City downtown area, as well as some rural areas, and will include local residents as extras, crew members, and even cast members.  So who’s on board?


An Eagle Without His Head

When I graduated from High School, I did something unusually and probably students in my class may not remember it at all. It happened 31 years ago, here’s the story:

Our mascot was the eagle. Not the real Eagle.  No did I not. People have dirty minds.

Oh well, it was the costume. No one knew I was in the Eagle Costume. I did not steal it, but I borrowed it. It was laying around in the girl’s locker room. Luckily, the girls were outside cheering for the basketball game.  It was my first time in a girl’s locker room. I did not see anything. But the shower was running. No, I did not peek. Maybe a little. I was curiosity. So, I saw it. Whew. It was big and cute. Not that big, cute, and petite.  She was our high school homecoming queen, Stacy Class; every guy wanted her. And I was the cute dorky student that no one knew. I had a picture of her in my locker. Her locker was next to mine.

I put on the costume; the costume needed to be dry clean. How could Stacy wear this costume?  I saw some air freshener nearby. I think it was air-freshener, it read “Michael Jackson’s perfume.” So, if I spray it, will it make me dance like Michael Jackson? Let’s see what happened.

I sprayed it, and the odor of the costume did not help. I grabbed a cloth, I think it was a cloth, but it will do. It was someone bra. Smell good. So, I used it as a gas mask for I could breathe fresh air and I was good. I put the head of the Eagle on, and I got the panty hose for the Eagle’s legs.

And I walked out; people were cheering for me because I was underneath the Eagle costume. I did the moon walk like Michael Jackson would do, and the audience went wild with it. Maybe the Michael Jackson perfume did work on me.

Then I heard Stacy voice from the girl’s locker room.

“Who are you? I am coming for you” Stacy said.

I turned my beak around, and I saw Stacy staring at me.

Would you believe she was wearing a cheerleader outfit without no bra and wet hair? She charged at me.  I ran around the court, and she was chasing me.  The audience was laughing and cheering for either of us.

Then I tripped, and she landed on top of my back. She flipped me over and took off my mask, and she found her bra on my face. She took that off too.

“What are you doing?” Stacy said. She was on top of me.

“I got laid?” I said, smiling. I was on the ground.

The crowd laugh. She was embarrassed.

It was hysterical.

Mom the Friendly the Ghost

It’s been over a month since my mom passed away. She died of the complications of ulcers wounds on her elbows and feet and she couldn’t walk. When she came home from the hospital, she couldn’t get up. She was gasping for air and food. I wanted to give her food, but I couldn’t do it. If she had ate, she would not swallow, it will choke her.

My dad and I would take care of her every morning. Giving her a shower every Sunday and weekdays I would give her a sponge bath. I would talk to her and entertain her, to make her smile. I would give her daily exercise and change her bandages on feet, which it had ulcers wound.

After the super bowl 50, she had gotten worsen; she had respiratory problems and trouble breathing. Broncos won over the Carolina Panther.

My dad and I would visit her grave and we would say a prayer for her and talk to her. We would tell her that we are good and strong and we can take care of ourselves.

We are not depressed in any way that is what other people would think. My mom is at peace and healed; and in a better place.

I know she can see us at the grave and at home.

If you have seen ghost hunters and ghost adventures on TV and they really explained what types of ghost we have, it’s a like an education and a understanding of ghosts. Ghost can be seen as ghost or orbs. For the shows, they would pick up negative feelings or bad ghost. Other times they would pick up positive feelings and tell us their history.

I know my mom is in the house. I would feel her because the hair on my skin would stand up, some kind of energy and she is nearby. I would see orbs flying the house, when I go to a certain room and the temperature would drop. Even a white mist, maybe she is trying to manifest in front of us? Mom is in the house. Does this happened to you?

She is either walking around the house or watching us sleeping. This is a good thing, I know she missed us and we missed her too. We love her very much. She is watching us.

Do you feel a love one presence around you?

Motivation to go to the Gym

Ever since my mom passed away, people are asking me: am I depressed? I would say no. Then they would see a rope.

“What’s the rope for?”

“I used it for exercising my arms,” I am truly working out more, to feel young; and looked great. My mom would have like it if I go to the gym more often to exercise, too lose the fat around my waist and my belly. I wanted a six-pack before I turn 50 in May.

I like the rope exercise. It’s good for the arms and I could feel my muscles popping out of my arms.

When I go to gym, I would see a lot of young people working out. Wow people that I don’t know who live in this small town working out in this gym. I feel old. Not that old. I dropped my cane – I meant my mouth.

My eyes popped open, gorgeous bodies everywhere working out on exercise machines, I need to feel young again. I am young again. In my 50’s!

I don’t feel old. I looked young from the outside but for inside I am old. Five years from now, I could claim for senior citizenship and get discounts on salads. I looked like the young Dick Clark from American Bandstand from the 1970’s. And I met him too. In the 1970s, when I was a teenager.

Sometime when I go to grocery stores, I would get carded by teen adults who worked as cashiers. They looked at my ID and see that I am 50.

“You don’t look 50 to me. You looked like you are 30.”

Wow, I feel young again. Then they called customer service representative over the PA system, that’s embarrassing. The manager would come up and say that I am good. And I got my milk.

Did you know I went to my 30th anniversary of my class reunion last year in 2015? I graduated from high school in 1985 at Northeastern High School. I still see some of my classmates at the store. They age graceful into their age. For me I still haven’t aged. I looked the same when I was in high school.

And some of their children who are in their teens would look at me and they will flirt with me and ask me to the prom! I am older than their parents! Then I would make a hand gesture to call me, not to their daughters but to their parents.

By the way, I am working out more. Talking to friends and participating in my local community theater. I need to stay busy.

Visit To The Grave

When I saw the coffin above ground, I knew she wanted to be in the ground, because the night of the visitation, people did not want to sit down. They wanted to remember her and talk about the good things about her and me (her son). I took care of her, because I was her home care nurse at home.

Did I see my mom boogie down with the disco lights above? Funeral music.

It was more like a reunion, some of my friends heard the news that my mom passed away through Facebook and newspaper, it’s the only way to communicate with friends. I read the news on Facebook too.

When people started to talk to other people, I could feel my mom close to me – her presence. The hair of skin would stand up and the temperature around me would be cold, even through my jacket when the room was warm. She was there, with me, when I moved she would move too. She was standing next to me.

At the gravesite, people were gathering around to say their final good byes. My dad read a beautiful prayer to her from the book Purnanga Namaz Shiskha: Complete Lesson on Namaz. It was a beautiful prayer. Making my mom to go to heaven. I know my mom enjoyed the prayer. She was close to me again. Why am I feeling her presence? How come my dad doesn’t feel her presence? I like her presence around me. Maybe there was too many people in the group and she wanted to stay close to me. I like her presence. Stay with me. 

Creepy People At My Door

Have you ever opened a door and see men dressed in black suits? It could have been the men in black. Cue the music!

But these men in black were funeral employees to take away the body and put it in body bag. They looked creepy when they arrived at my door and stood still for a moment. Then one of them recognized me. We met recently at my high school reunion last year, it was our 30th anniversary, we graduated in 1985. I still looked the same as a teenager but older.

They sent my dad and I to another room, the living room. Donald Trump was on CNN town hall meeting. We had to mute him, because he was babbling about making the world great again. It was funny to see his lips moving and not saying a word.

We couldn’t see what they were doing to my mom. I know they had to put my mom in the body bag and zip her up.

They asked if we would like to see the body. Once was enough. We have seen her body in the bed. She was cold with her mouth open. Scary to see, but peaceful. The nurse took the catheter tube from the body earlier ago.

When she was gone from the house, I ripped the bedsheet from the bed, spray fabric freshener to make it smell good and wash the bed sheets that night. I watch The Jimmy Fallon shows and other comedy late night to take my mind off what had happened that night. Comedy is a good tool to release the stress. We need laughter to release the stress.

I missed her.

UFO’s are out there

Did you know we had almost a lot of calls of Undefined Flying Objects, you guess it UFO’s, if you don’t believe in UFO’s they are out there. And they are searching for something? Is it you? And why do they fly over military bases? What are they looking for?

Sometime they abducted people and study you. They are trying to find out of how we live on this planet, and learned how to mate and produce baby aliens in women. When we come out from the women wombs, we do look like aliens our face looks like squish with pointed heads, and it’s easier to come out. Pointed heads.

Anyway, seriously, in Elizabeth City, NC we had a many UFO sightings. According to MUFON, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Back in June 2014, someone reported 3 noiseless orange/red lights in a triangular shape, moving at a slow pace. Flying lower than F-18 in flight and it was somewhere near northeastern high school.

And, another in July 2011, a white cigar-shaped with bulges near object. It was taller than trees and 4 to 5 times longer.

And recently, in March 2015, lights hovers over tree line for about a minute and then leave at a high rate of speed. Somewhere near Pitch Chapel Road.

These are incredible witness we have in our town.

If you spot a UFO use your cell phone to document it make several copies and give one to MUFON, they will document it and they will interview you. Sometime newspaper will publish the story and some time they don’t. It’s not news worthy for newspaper.

Plus I am a fan of Hangar 1 on the History Channel


Please go to this site and document what you know. And read it.

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