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When I first heard about the cyber attack of a major gas company, the first thing that occurred could be a movie. It was a movie called “Live Free or Die Hard,” with Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here. They are similar scenes and storylines that indicate a cyber attack and moments in the film. Could it be possible? And what could be next? 

A master cyber-terrorist takes down the gas line in the United states’ southern states, which suffered ransomware that forced them to shut down their system. The attack halted all of the pipeline operations. 

President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency on May 9, 2021. Hopefully, it will become normal soon. The FBI and various media sources have identified criminal hacking (the name is disclosed), and it is responsible for any hacking.

If President Biden had left the Keystone pipeline alone, we could have cheaper gas prices throughout the summer.

If he had continued constructing the borderline, family and children would not have died by crossing the borderline, even though they want a better life in America. He had closed the wall, but they are still coming. 

Drug cartels are sneaking into the country to distribute and sell drugs in America. 

They are multiple sources that indicate that these are true. 

So are you safe in America? With all the chaos and crisis we have today. Did you think President Biden is doing a good job?

For mask-wearing, here’s a common-sense rule. Wear a mask if you are going to a supermarket or a department store. Check your surrounding area. If anyone is close by, wear a mask. We don’t know if the other person had the flu or other viruses. Check for body odor, too, if they stink. Stay away, and wear a mask, and possibly walk away. Hygiene is essential for your health. 

If no one is close by, take it off for breathing. You need to breathe. Breathing is an energy source for oxygen. It will keep us alive. This is purely common sense. You need to live. And stay hydrated too. 

This is not science, but we need to stay alive and use our common sense to survive in this world. If the president wants to wear a mask during a zoom call even though he has been vaccinated, then let him do it. I don’t want to pass out in the middle of a Zoom meeting because I can’t breathe and when no one is not around, only a cat that is staring at me, because I have a mask that looks like a dog. 

Be safe out there.