First Day of Everything

First day of kindergarten, first day of first grade, first day of middle school, first day of High school and last day of high school.  We have been in school for the past decades of our lives and we have to do it all over again when we go to college or university of our choice to get a better career in our life.

Do your children ever get tired of going to school? They need a break, take them to a short vacation like a museum – more learning. It can be educational or just plain fun.

Schooling in the public school helps them to become a better person and become a better leader.

We learned leadership from our teachers, professors and our parents. We learn from the best to the worst in which it can shape our world.

Also, they will learn how to take quizzes and exams throughout their lives and prepared themselves for the SAT when they reach high school and the last semester when they graduate.

Children should also learn how to think logical and become a positive role model to their peers and community.

They need algebra and calculus in the real world; it will help them to become problem solvers instead of complainers.

They will need art, not only for expression but also for being creativity, and one can put graffiti on the school wall but not in the city wall or property.

When you watch American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got talent, these are the platform for getting discover and the skills you have, or other reality TV talent shows out there – casting calls.

Sometime the judges will either give them one or two chances to audition, to impress the judges. It is always to have a backup plan, but we must pass the preliminary rounds before the real judges can judge you – the casting and producers. If you can impress them, they will let you go through to the next round.

Look at these young performers; they have confidence and determination; and unique personalities.  They have learned how to perform in front of a huge audience and TV audience. Millions of people are watching them, that’s courage.

If you can stand up in class, than you can stand up in front of millions of people and showcase your talent to the world. The celebrity’s judges can either make you or break you. We must know how to handle criticism and rejection; they have worked so hard in their skills or talent. It’s a learning experience.




Teenagers are Smart

Maybe teenagers are smarter than us, for me I was stumped. We tell our children to be more responsible and work hard, which is good. Working hard and being responsible is the key to be successfully in high school.

I was going to a dinner party in Virginia and the family invited my dad and me to come along with them, which was great. Most of the time I would stay home, they wanted me to come too. Ever since my mom passed away few months ago, it would be creepy to stay alone in the house. The floors would creek, which was me stepping on the floor while walking. The cabinet’s door would open by themselves, which was me again opening the cabinet to get a glass. Then the refrigerator door would open, which was not me.  It really opened. I need to go out. I was not scared.

My dad and I sat near the windows of the vehicle while the son’s father was driving us to Virginia. The son sat in the middle of the seat. I wanted peanuts and drink, but they did not have it. Anyway, the son is very talented; he’s in the High School Band and the drama.  So, he started to play games in the car, which is good for a long drive and short trip to Chesapeake Virginia. I had to guess which song he was singing. He was doing it like Hollywood Game Night version of How do you doo? I have to guess the song while he sang the song. The category was Disney Musicals. I got every musicals right he sang – not! That’s embarrassing. I got one right. “The Little Mermaid”, maybe two and “Let it go” from Frozen, that was humiliating and fun. Let’s do it again and this time give me a warning.

Either I need to get out more or watch Disney Musicals.

My Pants Are Vibrating

Do you remember as teenager in the 1980’s and 1990’s we used to pass notes in class? We get caught because the teacher saw the note? The teacher would read the note in front of the whole class. And the crushed you like got embarrassed? And the teacher mentions the names in the note. The girl I like gave me a phone signal to call her. I called her the next day. We went out. We went to the prom. Then we went our separate ways and we never saw each other again. That was I. Still single.

Now we have cell phones and the social media apps. It is so much better. Our lives have changed. We are glued to our cell phones. We want to know everything, that’s how we became smart. We have a smart phone. Can a smart phone tell us there’s a pole ahead? We record it and put on YouTube to see it again and again. Getting bang by a pole. Or see someone fall into a hole. That’s funny.

It is so much better to text each other in between classes in the hall of the school, and still be hit by a locker door that was opened.

However, we cannot use it in the classroom. We must tell the students when they entered the classroom to put away the cell phones. Put it on vibrate or cut it off. There’s a class and the teacher wants their student’s full attention on the lecture. Would you want your teacher to take your phone away? NO! It’s like going to see a play at a theater and the cell phone goes off in the middle of an intense scene. Someone is dying on stage. And someone cell phone goes off. The actor, who was dying on stage, gets up from the stage, comes to you, takes your phone and says to the person “She will call you back later.” If you think the actor is rude, the person with the cell phone is ruder. Did this person read the sign at the door: NO CELLS PHONE ALLOWED? Apparently people cannot read, they are educated, but cannot read. Because they were checking their messages on their cell phone.

I know it is annoying but we must remind students and people to turn off the cell phones when they entered a public gathering or an event. But if someone has a ringtone of a crying baby in the room. TURN IT OFF!

Here are the answers for the test

Most middle schools, high school students or even college and university students should have a grasp to keep up their grades up.

Flash cards are the best remedy to remember a small amount of information held up for students to see as an aid for learning. With the small amount of learning, they will remember what they have been learning the whole time.

Another one is reading. Yep, we have to read to understand. It is not a novel, when Hollywood decided to put Calculus the movie or better yet a Broadway version production of Calculus: The Musical, which would be interesting to watch, with the song and dance numbers.

Anyway we still have to work out the problem to get an answer.

When reading, read to understand and read to visualize. If a student still can’t understand it. This student can type in some keywords in Google or Bing search engines and see what it is. If they have videos in YouTube, they would have a professional person from a typical university to explain it in an easy way for you. Especially how to videos, or certain blogs, that will help. Use it to your advantage to get a better understand. Use appropriate websites.

If teachers told the students don’t use Wikipedia. The student can use it as a reference and it can help you understand the problem a little better.

Always go to your school library to get more information of what you need.

Students can have a study group when there’s an exam coming up. Take notes don’t rely on memory. Of course, you do have to remember it.

Get a tutor in subjects you have difficult in. Use their facility, not every household have a white board. Or if you can get a white board with color dry erasers and do it at home to study. Study with a buddy who is little smarter than you. Seek friendship together.

Here are some websites that can help.

This site helps you make flash cards. All you have to do, is put in the information and it creates flash cards and games. It makes learning fun.

Also, you can use on your IPhone, instead of carrying bulking index cards.

If you have any trouble learning and wanted to explain more detail than your regular teachers or instructor. You don’t need any tutors. Just go to these sites.

Need help chemistry check out this site

Need help in American History check out this site.

Check out their videos and other documentaries. Interesting videos.

When writing papers check out this site

Do you know how to write a citation for your paper? Please check out this site. This could help.

How to be a teacher

Rick Zano was nominated for Top Teacher Award on the Kelly and Michael show this week.  He teaches world history at Princess Anne High School in Virginia. He knows how to motivate his students into learning.

Which is good, I know we have good teachers out there, but there some bad ones too, which is terrible.  I wish all teachers were entertaining and creative in the classroom. Some do not know how to be entertaining, that’s why students sleep in class, put make up on, do their hair, and order pizza in class with their cell phone.

World history seem to be easy when the teacher can dress in different characters and talk about the character that he was in.  But how can we do it for the worst subjects that students can’t learn and wish their teacher can motivate their student to learn and understand the subject matter a little better? Subjects like Math, Spanish and Chemistry. Someone can dress up like Einstein every day of the school? Until the student got the message, that their teacher was really Einstein.

Students need to understand mathematics for they can be engineers design and built things to make our lives much better. For science to understand and how things work. For chemistry a cure for cancer and live longer and stay longer forever.

When we watch a movie on the DVD, switch the language settings to Spanish, that’s how I learn how to speak Spanish and some catch phrases too.  The other day, I switch the language settings on my Star Wars DVD to Spanish and it was hilarious to watch and listen.

There are opportunities out there for us to work, you may not like it, but we must work, just make your job as an adventure. Take your class for a journey.

There are some teachers who will have inappropriate relationship with a student, the student think they will get an easy A.  Do these teachers know when they have a relationship with a student they will get fired from the job? That’s a no-brainier situation. Stop doing this. A student  will tell no matter if the student either failing or passing the class.

So please teachers who are teaching our children, be creative and entertaining in the classroom. Students need that visual learning from their teachers.

Labor Day and Back to Work

So how’s was your labor day? Did you do any labor on Labor Day? Work is work and we need to get it done.

Anyway, you may know that school and universities were open a few weeks ago and they will learn new things and make friendship too.

Are the, teachers, college instructors, and universities professors ready for students to learn new things? Maybe?

For parents, please tell your children to learn and have fun. Making friends are crucial for the adolescent of children especially when they are growing up. But make sure it’s the right person when they bring home a new friend to be friends with. It’s like a date, but different, they have to find something common of what they like and dislike. If they are in the same classroom, make sure they are studying together and make good grades. Math and science are important for the children education, if they make good grades in math and science throughout the middle school and high school, it would be easier for them when they are off to college and universities and they have to take general courses and then their major of interest. So make them study.

For students who seniors in high school and getting ready to graduate at the end of the school year, they have been slacking off for the past two years of high school. It would be difficult to catch up and graduate with their classmates.

They have to work hard; they have to create a schedule for homework, school activities, prom, and a job. Students can take a break if they have good grades.

For teachers, college instructors, professors at universities and teacher of the year, please make your classroom entertaining to learn. Not the boring lecturing type. Do you want your students to fall asleep in classroom or take selfies the whole time while the instructors are lecturing? It’s time for an upgrade and change. Students are more active, if their instructors make learning fun, games like Who’s Wants to be Millionaire, Jeopardy and other popular game shows. Make learning fun. It’s great for College and universities students too. If they have cell phones make it part in their education. Make a deal with the students. Students like to be challenge, if not they will take more selfies of themselves. Try it and see how it works. Don’t be boring.

Here’s My Commencement Speech Would Say

Every year we have someone in our community to give an inspiration speech to you. And I am one of them. We want you to get out and find what you want to do. We can sit here and listen to me, but don’t leave yet. I have some inspiration words and a great story to follow.

Our parents worked very hard to give you tools to survive: Home, food, and shelter. Other tools we need are the computer and the internet. How can we communicate to the other people around the world? Traveling is good, but how can we get there. Money is tight. We need money to take us anywhere we can. We have to make the best of what we can do. We have resources all around us. The library is the best way to find our sources. If you can’t find on the internet, try the library. You can also read in the library, quietly. Shhh.

Teachers stop flirting with your students. And students stop flirting with teachers. We want an education not to see a different teacher every time we come to class in the morning. We look up to good teachers who taught us, not to flirt, but take it down a notch. We keep losing teachers because they can’t perform in the class room. Use your resources and bring it to class and share it with your students. Teachers we have to be creative in the classroom.

Students please pay attention to your teacher. They are trying to teach you something new to you. They are training you to be the best and bring out your talent and use that talent.

What can be more drastic in the school, and it will never change is our behavior in the classroom. Behavior is a distraction to the education. We have to stop and pay respect to the students who passed on and talk about it, to learn our lesson that bullying is a crime. It can hurt relationships with one another.

Stop whining and complaining and let the teachers teach you. Education is no joke.  We want to be smart and intelligent in the real-world  to-day. We have to keep up in the world today and stay ahead with our competition. Dress for success, pull up your pants, wear something appropriate to school. Be a good leader. Show us what you can do.

We can be individual. Speaking up is good, but we have to choose our words wisely and carefully, think before speak, don’t insult your neighbor and friend. Look for solutions and apply yourself.

Be good and stay smart and have fun. If you make a mistake, try again, and don’t make the same mistake once.  You have one shot to do it right.

To the graduate class, venture in your new adventure. At the end of your adventure write a book and share it to the world what you have accomplished.

Here’s a video of Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane University during a commencement speech