Kecksburg UFO in Pennsylvania

In 1965, on a cold December night, a mysterious fireball lit up the sky of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, with a population of 25,629.  What was it?  Was it a meteorite?  It awoke the community of the people who were curiosity wanted to know what has happened. It wasn’t Santa making an early Christmas delivery. It was something that crashed.  Near the wooded area. What was it?

They had plenty of eyewitnesses from Indiana, New York, Virginia, and Ontario. They even had small fires in each county because the meteorite or something out there was making debris falling from the spacecraft coming to earth and causing fires. So, people wanted to know what was going on.

One of the witnesses claims he saw the object flying in the sky before crashing into the woods. He was curious, so he drove out to investigates it when he got there. He saw this strange shape of the craft; it was a giant acorn. The acorn itself smoked in the woods. It glowed, cracked, and spark blueish light around the shape, and it was powering down. So, what did the witness do when they saw this? He ran away. He thought aliens were about to come out of this craft.

A firefighter approached the craft and inspected it. It wasn’t a plane, but it was an acorn-shaped craft embedded into the ground as a meteorite would do, and it had hieroglyphics at the bottom of the rim.

Out of the dark in the night, two men approached were wearing trench coats came him and said:

“You need to leave; this is a military operation now.” Said one of the men in black in a trench coat.  And the area was tape off with a no trespassing banner sign around the area.

The witnesses said that the object crashed. And the witness described the craft as bronze or gold-colored looked like an overside acorn.

Then later, the acorn-shaped spacecraft was on the flatbed truck, which was taken out of the area. The military leader suggested it was an optical illusion, and it wasn’t there. If it wasn’t there, how come they had witnesses who saw the craft in its physical form in the woods. Why would the military want to cover it?

A researcher was suggested that the UFO was carried to Wright Paterson Airforce based in Dayton, Ohio. And while it was there, a hand flop on the gurney indicated an alien was driving the unusual craft. The hand itself had only three digits, and the skin was like a lizard. The body was lifted and placed in an incubator, and rolled away into the hangar.

One theory, it was space junk that decided to crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. But, if it was space junk, why would an alien drive the craft anyway?

In 2003, a researcher filed a lawsuit against NASA to release the documents from the military. What was it? Was it a manufactured craft or a UFO that crashed?

Whatever it was, the town decided to have a UFO festival every year to celebrate the famous UFO crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. And they have a museum in which they have newspaper clippings and a TV documentary on Unsolved Mysteries on NBC during the 1990s. In addition, they have a replica of the craft near the wooded area where it crashed.

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