Who Killed Jon Benet Ramsey?


After a serious of hard and soft questions, Dr. Phill interview Burke Ramsey, Burke Ramsey is the brother of Jon Bennet Ramsey who died in December 1996. Speculations were around the family who was closed to her.

The Boulder Police spent countless of hours interviewing the whole family and every time they ask the family, they would get the same answered: They did not do it.


Who would have killed Jon Bennet? She was six years old when she was murdered and the possibility answered who was in the house when it happened?

The killer would have dropped the ransom note on the stairs. Carry the girl who was knocked out by the stun gun.  Dropped her on the way down in the dark basement. She probably gained conscious. Then the killer would have then wrapped the cord around the neck to strangle her to death.  (that’s my theory, I am not the killer. I am just reporting the facts and put it in a logical way, the best I can. I should have a been a crime writer, but this will do.)

And left by using the backdoor of the basement. It was a snowy night, when the killer escaped, and the snow covered the foot prints.

How did the father know to look in the basement? He couldn’t find his daughter all over the house and decided to try the basement?

Patsy Ramsey found a two-and-a-half page ransom note demanding $118,000 on the stairs. Got nervous and don’t know what to do. So she went to Burke’s bed room to explained what happened to Burke’s sister. She was killed.

And why did they have lots of people in the house when it happened? Could one of them be the murder? It’s like the game of Clue. That’s the mystery!

Doing the Q and A with Dr. Phil, it looked Burke Ramsey did not know what was going on. He was 9 back then. Can he do it? Only a smart intelligent person would have killed her and have the strength to strangle her? Remember there were no prints. Was there someone else in the house besides them?  And stayed in the house till morning and got out when they had people in the house? (My crazy theories).

Now the FBI is trying to accuse Burke of killing his sister. In other words, they wanted a confession from him, by pressuring him to say something, that he killed his sister. Why put an innocent person in jail for the crime he did not commit? It is and still is an unsolved case over 20 years ago.  Only Jon Benet knows who killed her.


Cannibal in the Jungle

Hobits 2Many people think the Cannibal in the Jungle is a fake story by Animal Planet . Maybe it is based on an article in Nature magazine in 2002.

Animal Planet stumped us that we cannot find anything on the internet especially the names of the characters, which was clever. And we have to find the source by going to the library to investigated it, which is clever too. They got us.

Group 3Here’s the pitch of the story: Dr. Timothy Darrow, an American Scientist, was convicted of killing and cannibalizing of two of his colleagues in the jungles of Flores, Indonesia in 1977. He went there to investigate a rare bird that was believed to be extinct. He needed proof of its extinction. Since, it was 1977, he had a Super 8 camera, a sound guy to record sound, and a guide to investigated a territory of the place. That no men have ever gotten. What he got some was something extraordinary an ape like creature of a hobbit. Caught on camera. That’s the story.

Hobbit  1

The director of the documentary film, Simon George is an Emmy winner. He did piece for Paranormal Witness, The Plane in the Hudson River, World War 2 From Space, and Cannibal in the Jungle.

Simon George took this subject matter about the Hobbit creature and created an epic characterization and the  story line. Making us to believe it was real. The creature was real because it was dated back 18,000 years ago and they found bone structure in the Indonesia cave in the jungle area.

He just cannot do a documentary of the Hobbit creature itself, it will be bored and people go to another channel. So he made a documentary film, what if these creatures were cannibal and possible one of them live till this day, then it would be interesting. A three foot human size creature and they like to eat people.

Also the actors who portray scientist and political leaders, they were also convincing. The cinematographic of the movie was also great capturing the hobbit creature as a Bigfoot creature. Shaking cameras movement. And the narration and interview by Dr. Timothy Darrow while he was in prison. He was telling the story, very convincing. Maybe the director will get another Emmy nominations for this film.

I hope Animal Planet does another creature feature documentary style film to make us believe based on actual events. Please don’t do a bigfoot or Loch Ness monster movie. We know these two are fakes.


Simon George


Our not so distant relative: Scientists have discovered a new species of human in remotest Indonesia. Henry Gee reports on the Hobbit-like creature which questions our unique heritage


Don’t Pee in Reservoir

In Portland, Ore the water treatment, have to discard 38 million gallons of drinking water when on surveillance a teenager decided to urinating into the reservoir.

My question, what was he doing late at night and urinating in a reservoir? He couldn’t find a bathroom. Just turn around, there’s a bush behind them.

Crazy teenagers, there were arrested and put in jail and they have their own private reservoir – their toilet.

Jodi and Travis Story

Jodi & TravisWhen I heard another woman committed a crime and killing her boyfriend, she could easily dumped the guy, why go all the way and stabbing him.  This was an unusual case a fatal attraction gone wrong. Jodi Arias took it too far and makes national news and now a TV movie about the crime she did.  She was found guilty.

The role of Jodi will be played Tania Raymonde from “Lost” can’t find no good movies parts might as well do true crime TV of the week.  NBC used to do this back in the early 1990’s making true crime movies of the week, which will bring up the NBC ratings.  Do a simulcast broadcast on NBC and Lifetime, which will bring up the ratings for NBC.

“The Jodi Arias Story” great title for the movie, the movie is being filmed in the Los Angeles area. Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder last Wednesday in the death of her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who she stabbed 29 times, including slashing his throat, and shot once in the head on June 4, 2008, according to trial testimony.  Wow stabbing, slashing  and shooting, oh my.

Jesse Lee Soffer of “The Mob Doctor” is playing Alexander and “will bring home the fact that a young man died needlessly here.” The network hopes to bring to life Arias’ and Alexander’s relationship “in a way that only movies can.”

Jesse is a handsome fellow and he brings the humanity to Travis. Jesse understands that Travis was a charismatic young man, and a successful motivational speaker. We see why Jodi fell for him. And for the Jodi, sexually pleasure, with all the moaning and groaning of love making. Which will include dirty phone calls, naked pictures, and sextexting on cell phones with all lot of drop calls, it was second hand cell phone.  They were young couple in love and they had kinky sex. The director had a challenge and what to show on basic cable channel.

The story is the point of view of Travis when he was victim and Jodi did and what she did, before he got killed. People would be fascinated with Jodi and Travis relationship and how it ended.

The movie will premiere on Lifetime channel in June 2013.

Abandon Sandy Hook Elementary School

As one may know already, the children of Sandy Hook elementary are returning to their school, the new school. The old school is now a crime scene and possible may be abandon. Who would use that school when a vicious crime was committed their?

When a crime or killing in a school happens, things may go paranormal scary. What I meant by this, children were killed in the school, and the gun man who killed them, left  presence there.

It may eerie to investigate a crime scene where children were involved. What would happened if an investigator was looking for clues and he suddenly hears a child foot steps in the hall way or hear crying voices in the building. He is not alone in the building. It may not be scary, but there are spirits of children and a madman who died in the building.

What about the killer itself, he left an immense impression in the school. He killed many people and their spirits will remain there or be residual spirits trying to conduct a class and the killer will be their killing again.

It would be scary to go back to the school to investigate for more clues, the crime was already done. They have found the gun and dead bodies. What else can they possible find?

Mental, Crazy, and institution

As you may know Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, CT on Friday Dec. 14. The gunman died of a self-inflicted bullet wound, but his father and brother, Ryan Lanza, are being questioned by authorities. They, however, are not suspects.

Would you believe the media mistaken Ryan for Adam?  Can the media have a fact checker on hand to get the facts right before they presented with breaking news. Producers take notes. Take your time in getting the facts straight. We can wait. No need to rush to get ratings for the show.  We just want the facts.

And for the reporters they want to get that exclusive information who has witness the horrific crime – the children. If the reporters got permission from the parents to interview their child then it is okay.

Where do we found guns? Probably at Wal-Mart they are a little bit cheaper than at gun shop across the nation. But why are people buying guns? To make their family safer, if you have a son or daughter who’s into Karate then you don’t need a gun.

Can we stop gun control? Yes. Don’t buy it. When I was small living in Texas I was sound asleep in bed. My dad woke up to a sound of someone outside who was trying to get in from the back door. I think he heard the door jiggle.  So he grabbed a gun that was next to the bed, he pointed the gun like he was about to shoot someone. My dad went to the back door and the door was jiggle again.

“I have gun in my hand and I am not to afraid to use” my dad said.

When the burglar heard what he said. The burglar ran away.  I woke up and I wanted a drink from the kitchen. I saw what my dad was holding it was my plastic gun.

We keep hearing this over and over again that violence is influence by video games and movies. Periods movies that deal with history are an exception. We can’t change history, because it’s violence content in history.

However, there are some violent movies out and I can’t name them all. The Dark Knight Rises is one of them. It may be the best movie out there, but due to the nature of violence. It was heavy with a lot violence. We can’t tell a story without violence. Batman has a military vehicle that can shoots and destroy anything that goes in it path. Critics love this movie as being one of the best batman movies. As long it has a story and violence in the movie people. I rather see giant robots fighting or the three stooges.

Why do parents buy video games with violent content and give it to the child to play the game on there game console and telling them its an education game. The characters may be fantasy fiction with cool graphics and special effects, but violence pays a role of grabbing extra points – even dodge ball is safer.

Is it time to stop playing all those violent games and watching movies with violence it in and play some education games to stimulate the mind with creative ideas.  We can be smart and make good grades in class.

For the guns in the house any one can get access to it, if we know the location and the secret location it’s easier to find. But why do we purchase weapons?  Safety? An automatic assault rifle for safety?  Are we going to be attack by Zombies? Zombies are not real, it’s a fictionize creature.

Then we have mental patients with all kinds of mental disorders and when they see a gun they think it’s a toy and want to use it. We all know what happens,  a love one dies  and the mental patient goes back into the institution and we the tax payers are paying for it? Might as well leave the mental patient rot and die in the institution.  We can’t handle them they are danger to our society. They may be intelligent, smart, and know how to be creativity to makes bombs that destroy and kill people. They like to see bodies flying up in the air and they laugh at it as it was funny to them, that’s serious crap  with mental problems. Leave them in the mental institution.

There are thousands of mental institution across the united states from the 1940’s and today. And each institution has a story of mental patients going crazy because they were neglected from their parents who can’t handle them. Now these institutions are abandon with paranormal activity. If you are planning to go alone to these institutions by yourself or with a group and want to take a dare or a risk  to see real paranormal activity – Don’t. You will never know what will happen. Bad or good spirits can harm you. Why take a chance?

Bad Grade and Campus Crime

Students can become very stressful, especially their grade.  However, students do not have to yell and scream at their professor. The professor sees it as a threat to them and possible the students may do harm either to do the professor or the school.

Remember, Virginia Tech a few days ago, a police man was killed on duty, and the shooter killed himself. But what his motive? Was it a bad grade that he received from the professor?

Students must know it’s not the end of the world, a bad choice of words, but sometime the student may feel stressful of why did he get a bad grade.  The grade will be permanently be recorded in the grade book and the student transcript with a note that the student has a bad temper. If the student calms down, the professor may give the student an incomplete and complete the assignment as necessary for the professor to grade it. For this case, a no way. The student did the wrong thing, and it may cost the student of bad behavior in the professor office.

The professor was shaken up by the student, and the professor did the right thing. Since the student was yelling and screaming at the professor a nearby professor heard what was going on. The professor removed the student from the professor office, and the professor called the campus security which is the right thing do. Let the campus security handle the situation, if it gets’s out of hand, then called the police.

What would have happened if the student came back and have a shooting spree on campus, then we would have another crime on campus and another national debate of campus crime?

Students should have known how to communicate, and the professor should have a back-up plan.  If the professor knows about the student behavior in the class, have a professor on duty. Or, a possibility a security guard nearby. We do not want a mass killing on campus ground again.