It was in 1964, where a police officer, Lonnie Zamora, was chasing a speeder that was speeding down the dirt road But stopped because something caught his eye in the middle of the desert that looked like an overturned vehicle that needed help. He drove up. To his surprise, it was a UFO that landed, and he saw two alien-like creatures looking around for something or investigating the land.

Lonnie radioed for backup, but all he got was static, which was impossible; it was a clear day. Nothing like no interference could stop transmitting help. 

The static radio noise made the aliens turn their heads around like it did a 360 degrees turn without turning its back. Then their back turns and aligns with the body. 

The alien-like creature saw him; it had slanted black eyes and an oval-shaped face. The aliens went to the craft, the door opened, and it closed with the aliens. The craft shot out blue flames from the bottom, floated in the air, and flew west with great speed. 

UFO Flying

He was not the only one who saw it, a family who were on their way to a friend’s house. Saw something speeding through the sky and over their car, going fast, like 150 mph.

When the Military Army came, they investigated the area. They found strange marks on the ground. It looked like landing gear, a bush burned to a crisp, and the sand turned the glass. It would take a tremendous amount of heat to make sand to glass. And the weird thing that the military saw was the footprints, footprints not recognized by no animal but an extraterrestrial. 

The state trooper took pictures of the crime scene when one of the military officers confiscated his camera to interfere with the evidence. 

This was the first case of an unexplainable that aliens visited the earth, and it was near the White Sand Missile Range that’s where they test missiles and bombs nearby.   

This is one of the stories that inspired Steven Speilberg to make Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).

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