If you have been watching the Olympics in Japan, Tokyo, you will know that Tokyo is a beautiful city. It is famous for its shopping districts, traditional culture, cheap electronics, and gleaming castles. And their food is delicious. However, when the sun sets down for the evening. The city is alive with paranormal activity.

 Here are some haunted hotspots in Tokyo:

Toyama Park

Toyama Park 

Toyama Park is a beautiful park where you can socialize with friends and families. Or grab some food from a nearby restaurant and have a picnic at the park. However, don’t go there after sunset or in the evenings because there are some rumors that people could hear or see creatures growl or shrill from the park’s Hill. The Hakone Yama. 

Oiwa Shrine 

Owia Shrine

In the heart of the city of Tokyo, there’s a shrine dedicated to Oiwa Inari Tamiya Jinja. Owen’s husband was in love with another woman. She was jealous, but the husband decided to kill his wife by poisoning her and throwing the body off the cliff. Then the husband chose to remarry. Then one day, he started to hallucinate that his dead wife came back. She was everywhere in the house; he took out a big machete knife and tried to kill the spirit. Eventually, he heard a thud. What he did was he killed his new wife.  So he ran to the cliff where he killed his wife. But eventually, the spirit of his first wife pushed him off the cliff.  Now the shrine is cursed till this day. And it is not a great place for a picnic. 

Komine Tunnel

Komine Tunnel

In 1989, a serial killer and a cannibal murder a girl. The body was mutilated and unrecognized near the Komine Tunnel. Headlines about this death scared the country, and people would not like to go out at night anymore. In 2006, the government decided to build a new tunnel, and the old tunnel was left abandoned. Ghost hunters who went there have experienced seeing the girl’s ghost near the Komine Tunnel. 

Doryodo Temple 

Doryodo temple

In the Doryodo Temple, a gruesome murder happened there. In 1963 a woman in her eighties was robbed. And killed at the Doryodo Temple. The temple was closed after the incident, and people avoided the place. Then, in 1973, the body of a missing college student was recovered near the shrine. It was believed that her professor lured his victim and killed her there. After that, the professor killed his wife and children and then himself.  Then in 1983, the dissipated temple was set on fire, it was exactly ten years later, and nobody wanted to go near the place. They were afraid whatever was in there possessed them to kill themselves. 

Himuro Mansion

Himuro Mansion 

If you visit the Himuro Mansion in Japan, it is known for the murder of the Himuro family. The family owned the beautiful mansion, and it was used to practice occultism. After killing every family member,  the master took his own life. Now their souls haunt the mansion and luring people to fulfill their evil ritual. In addition, the estate itself has a reputation of being haunted with weird noises and shrieking voices.  

Sunshine Tower 

The Sunshine 60 is one of Asia’s tallest structures and a massive entertainment complex in Ikebukuro. During the Japanese war, criminals were executed on the property. Paranormal hunters have discovered strange fireballs floating near the malls in the evenings and noises at night where no one is around, like slamming noises—making it Tokyo’s scarier attractions. 

Akasaka Weekly Mansion 

The Akasaka Mansion, according to locals, is one of Tokyo’s most famous haunted homes. Many people have observed strange phenomena, including white smoke pouring from the air conditioner and lights that turn on and off on their own. Furthermore, a woman was allegedly dragged into the room. 

So, if you are planning to go to Tokyo, please be respectful of the culture. If not, then you will be cursed.

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