How Not to Get the FLU


Before you let your child head out the door before going to school are they protected?  What are they wearing even though the temperature is way below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

If they are wearing flip flops, shorts, and a sexy top that you can see thru, is that really the dress codes for the school? And you spit up coffee on them, and you tell them to change? And when they come back they have another sexy top with a different image, and you can still see through. And it is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing cold.

“I go by Celsius, is it warm?”

“No,” the parent said. “Go change it’s cold. Look outside. The neighbor’s snowman is waving at you!”

That’s how your child can get the flu not dressing appropriately for the weather we are having outside. It may be warm during the winter season, but the Flu is no joke. They already have snow days at the beginning of the new year, and child wanted to have a sick day too?

Five Ways To Fight Flu.

  1. Get a vaccine for the flu shots it can minimize the flu. Most of the viruses can enter through the nose. The air we breathe. It’s nice to wear a mask, or if they have a good hat that can cover the whole face without looking suspicious that they might rob a person.
  2. Do you know that most children don’t wash their hands before eating? Their fingers can touch their face, eyes, picking their nose, picking their ears, or playing with their belly button and licking it. It may be finger licking good, but they could be infected. Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly and before they go to sleep a good shower to keep the nice and clean and smell like roses when they get up in the morning. And give them a hand sanitizer and tell them to keep clean, if not they will end up in a hospital. It may be fun in the hospital, but the hospitals are haunted by people who died of flu on the bed. They might come home being possessed.
  3. Stop nibbling your nails. When you bite your nails, it may contain E. Coli, did I scare you when I mention. E. Coli. You don’t know where your hands been. They go everywhere on your body. Touching places that where your hands have not touch before. Wash your hands! Be Clean!
  4. Your room. When is the last time you clean your room and why is there a band-aid on the floor that you left over a month ago and it is still there. About 49% of houses rarely or never disinfect their house. It may be clean, but it is still there. Clean your room and clean the whole house. You can hire someone to clean it for you, but they never clean your children rooms, they will leave it alone. Just because there are teenagers, they don’t pick up things after themselves. Or assume the house clean itself. Put your children to work and make them clean their room and give them a reward when there are finished.  A clean room and house will make them succeed in life.
  5. Eat healthily. When is the last time you have your cholesterol check? How much weight have you gained? Is it time to bring back what you have looked like before. You were attractive back then. What happened? Cut half the sodium and sugar from your diet. Cut half the carbohydrates too. Don’t use too much butter in your food. Beef has Go vegan when possible. You don’t have to eat meat every day. Change your diet. Go to your local gym and exercise. Bring back the old you and look attractive too.





Get a Colonoscopy

Have you ever got a colonoscopy before? For one thing one would have to fast for a day and half. Before the exam, you can’t eat your favorite breakfast like bacon, eggs and toast. It would smell good and the aroma will entice to you eat one, but you will get a slap on the hand from your spouse and tell you to eat you Jell-O and drink your Gatorade mix with Miralax (that’s your cocktail drink for the whole day).  You can’t get drunk with that, but it sure will make you run to the bathroom every time you feel something coming out, either that just put it in your car to cool it down during the hot summer months or for the winter.

Remember this, according to Health board Message Boards, Antifreeze is Propylene glycol and IS toxic.  And Miralax is Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and is NOT toxic. In other words, it’s safe, read the label! If you are a chemistry major, you will know this, there is a difference between the both of them. Miralax is safe! Only the names and the word sound familiar, there is a difference.

Once your water diet is complete and constantly running to the bathroom to get rid of whatever you have in your body, then it is time for the doctor to do a colonoscopy. Once you are undress and wear the gown backwards, I felt a breeze, in fact it was just me, I just farted. I Smell like a Jell-O.

The nurses will test your blood pressure, place a needle in your arm for the IV could drip, and an another doctor for the Anesthesiologist will tell you that you will be asleep during the whole time, that mean you would not feel a thing. Please trust your doctor and nurses, they know what they are doing. It is illegal to record the conservation for the doctor and the nurses, my phone was missing underneath the pillow and it was place in my bag. I got weird pictures of the doctor and nurses on my phone. At least they know how to do a selfie while I was out. I was not in the picture, that was good.


I did saw the endoscope that would go inside of me, it was long. Will that fit into me?  While I was out, I could not feel anything but I could hear Dennis Quaid inside of me. Have you seen Inner Space?

They looked around inside of me and zap the polyps that was inside of me. I had a few and it was gone.  Whew that was good. As long I eat healthy vegetables and protein I will be good. I like eating vegetables I am not a vegetarian but it is good for your health. I was good.

The not good, when I saw a few teenagers who were getting their colonoscopies too, do they eat properly. Not really. They should eat healthy. The best way to live longer is to eat a healthy diet.

How to avoid being bitten by Mosquitos

Mosquitos 5 19 2016How to avoid the Zika Virus?  Wear a hazmat suit in the summer time, that’s the best way for not getting bitten by mosquitos. The other best way is to the defend yourself, because there are no vaccines or treatment. Maybe a milk bath?

Here are 6 ways to protect yourself from mosquitos:

  1. Pick the right mosquito repellent

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends products with active ingredients DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, or IR 3535.

Get the Off with Deep Woods or the packets kind.

Use the Off with Deep Woods spray after applying sunscreen, otherwise the SPF may mask it. In other words, sunscreen first and then spray repellent.

Don’t wear repellent under clothes; it won’t evaporate and may accumulate on the fabric. Avoid spraying it on cuts or wounds.

Importantly, don’t forget to spritz or spray your feet and ankles. The mosquitos has a fetish of biting your feet and ankles. And don’t forget your elbows too.

To protect a child use spray or the packet wipes with repellent. Rub it on the skin, ankles, ears and feet (Very important).  Avoid the eyes and mouth, it may sting a child.

  1. Repel with your clothes

You know the drill for avoiding mosquitoes: Wear long pants and long sleeves during the summer months, it may get hot but you are being safe from mosquitos.

Wear clothing that contains permethrin, a synthetic insecticide.

Wear shoes and socks instead of sandals. Mosquitos are attractive to Yoga pants. Or anything with spandex. You will get bitten on your butt.  Generally, baggier clothes offer better protection. Protect your head with a hat and sunglasses.

  1. Prep your home

Many Americans are relatively protected from the Zika virus at the moment because mosquitoes die or go into hibernation in cold winter weather. Hint! Lower your thermoset during the summer to keep your home cool and chase the mosquitos away.

When temperatures rise to 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, however, mosquitoes can reappear and spread disease. The Aedes mosquitos feed during the day and fly into houses for shade—living and reproducing very close to people.

Just one tablespoon of water can serve as a mosquito breeding ground and produce up to 300 mosquitoes. The insects can breed in the bottom of a glass in the bathroom or in a film of water next to the sink. Eliminate standing water throughout the home, including in flowerpots, bottles, and accumulating garbage

  1. Have a pool? No need to drain—mosquitos are deterred by the chlorine that keeps the pool clean and safe for swimming.

5. Exercise indoors

Break a sweat inside. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat. Your body naturally emits both, but cranks up the volume when you work out. Mosquitos like the sweat and they go by scent of your body odor, that’s why you see mosquitos flying in your face.

  1. Travel smart

The best way to avoid Zika virus is to avoid affected areas. Check the CDC’s regularly updated list of countries and territories with active Zika virus transmission. If you must travel to an affected country, stay in air-conditioned areas, sleep under bed nets (Mosquitos nets) if your room may have mosquitoes, and use mosquito repellent vigilantly.

If you’re pregnant, talk to your physician, and possibly reconsider your trip. The CDC issued an advisory this month for pregnant women to consider postponing travel to affected countries. If your trip is already scheduled, check options with your airline. Three major domestic carriers—United, Delta, and American Airlines—are allowing qualified passengers to re-book their trip without cancellation fees. There’s a certain area of the female body that produce a fish smell and that attracts mosquitos. Best time to travel, Fall and Winter!

Aneska: Sweet and Dangerous

Aneska 4e

Melanie and Dave say the last nine years have been a living hell, and they’re at their wits’ end trying to find out what’s at the root of their 12-year-old daughter’s explosive rage. They say their daughter Aneska at first, seems cute as a button, charismatic and sweet, but that her behavior is explosively violent and terrifying.

They claim Aneska has threatened to kill her mother, choked her sister, kicked her brother in stomach, stolen her mother’s credit card, stalked and threatened the vice principal at her school, assaulted various adults and recently set fire to a comforter in their garage. They also say she has bludgeoned the pet hamster to death with a flashlight, and twisted the necks of baby birds and squeezed their guts out.

Aneska says she’s not the problem, everyone else is. She says she gets physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad, and there are times when she feels like someone else is in control of her body. She describe it what happen, some man in the Iraq war and this person got shot in the shoulder in a battle field. A possible of reincarnation and possession? She would talk to this person in her room alone.

How it started, it all started when she fell off her bike when she was young and hurt her head.

Aneska admits she uses her charm and flutters her eyelashes to get what she wants, but she says most of the time, her life is a very stressful, terrible, hell.

What’s at the root of Aneska’s explosive rage? Her parents say Aneska’s been hospitalized 17 times, and that her lack of emotion and remorse has them fearing they are raising a severely mentally disturbed child.

Many people think she’s an indigo child, meaning Indigo children is the name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, these indigos has begun more of a common concept within our lexicon. For real? She’s just a child. What happens when she grows up to be a real teenager or an adult? Will her behavior change or be more mature adult?

For the family, they are suffering with her behavior at home, and it can damage the mental behavior of her parents, and their other children who are afraid of her. Think of Michael Myers of Halloween. Hollywood should do a movie about her either on the big screen or TV screen.

Aneska was diagnosed with bipolar and significant sensory dysregulation disorders and her pediatrician is helping in  eliminate all the meds that she was prescribed. Now that they have a better idea of what’s troubling Aneska, the family is hopeful that her behavior will improve.

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Motivation to go to the Gym

Ever since my mom passed away, people are asking me: am I depressed? I would say no. Then they would see a rope.

“What’s the rope for?”

“I used it for exercising my arms,” I am truly working out more, to feel young; and looked great. My mom would have like it if I go to the gym more often to exercise, too lose the fat around my waist and my belly. I wanted a six-pack before I turn 50 in May.

I like the rope exercise. It’s good for the arms and I could feel my muscles popping out of my arms.

When I go to gym, I would see a lot of young people working out. Wow people that I don’t know who live in this small town working out in this gym. I feel old. Not that old. I dropped my cane – I meant my mouth.

My eyes popped open, gorgeous bodies everywhere working out on exercise machines, I need to feel young again. I am young again. In my 50’s!

I don’t feel old. I looked young from the outside but for inside I am old. Five years from now, I could claim for senior citizenship and get discounts on salads. I looked like the young Dick Clark from American Bandstand from the 1970’s. And I met him too. In the 1970s, when I was a teenager.

Sometime when I go to grocery stores, I would get carded by teen adults who worked as cashiers. They looked at my ID and see that I am 50.

“You don’t look 50 to me. You looked like you are 30.”

Wow, I feel young again. Then they called customer service representative over the PA system, that’s embarrassing. The manager would come up and say that I am good. And I got my milk.

Did you know I went to my 30th anniversary of my class reunion last year in 2015? I graduated from high school in 1985 at Northeastern High School. I still see some of my classmates at the store. They age graceful into their age. For me I still haven’t aged. I looked the same when I was in high school.

And some of their children who are in their teens would look at me and they will flirt with me and ask me to the prom! I am older than their parents! Then I would make a hand gesture to call me, not to their daughters but to their parents.

By the way, I am working out more. Talking to friends and participating in my local community theater. I need to stay busy.

What is death?

Death is a phase of life. A function of life. The circle of life. The day when we are born the sooner or later in life, we die. Or if we accomplish great achievements in life. We die.

When we get older and be taken care, we know we did something right. Your children will be adults soon and they will have children too. They will be taken care soon by their friends and family.

They will go to a better place. Someplace safe and we have to be there for them. We have to be strong and be responsible for ourselves.

We have to be eating right and exercise. The belly you have now is it your bloating or are your pregnant now? We have to stay slim and strong, and have muscles. We don’t have to look bulky with muscles. Just look good and attractive. In other words, stay in shape and look young if possible. Not too young, but act your age. That’s the key for long life. Don’t die too young. And teenagers too. Stay in shape.

We have to watch our cholesterols and our blood pressure, our diets. What we eat every day. Eat more fiber and protein. Many times, we just ignore it and end up dying. That’s not good.

If your waist size is more than 35 inches you will have health problems so keep your waist size down. Just the average waist size between 30 – 35.