In 1994, a group of children in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, at the Ariel School, was playing in the playground until they saw a UFO coming closer to the children during their morning break. 

The fascinating part of this story is true.

62 Children between the ages of eight and twelve reported seeing a UFO and “Strange beings.” Those children who saw the UFO incident in 1994 told their stories and what they saw, and they gave us a warning about the future of technology that we are using today. 

Randall Nickerson, an American filmmaker and documentary found this story exciting and wanted to investigate it. 

It was morning break, and the students were out in the playground when suddenly something was flying nearby and came on the edge of the schoolyard playground. The children saw it landed, and it levitated off the ground near the bush and the hill. 

The children were curious and ran towards the craft to see what it was. They saw a creature walking around the craft and another one near them. The children described this alien wearing a tight black suit and their eyes like a football. 

The creature stared at them and put them in a trance-like creature communicating to the children telepathic. What were they sending? 

The school bell rang, and they were awakened and screamed at the creature that they were still there in front of them. In the classroom, the children couldn’t stop talking about what they had seen at the playground that morning. First, the teachers did not believe what they were talking about and telling them it was their imagination. When a group of children tells the teacher of what they saw, they have to believe it. These are innocent children, and they all saw something in the playground that morning. They were silent in the classroom, and the teachers were baffled about what to do. 

Later in the afternoon, still the children told their parents of what they saw that morning. The parents thought they were crazy, but they were concerned, so they called the school to get to the bottom of this incident. 

The children were asked to draw what they have seen, and they did it separately. The drawings were all the same.

In November of 1994, a BBC television crew invited the Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, John E. Mack, who visited the school and filmed their interviews. 

Mr. Mack interviewed each school child separately. To his surprise, he found out that they were telling the truth. He listened to their voice tone, their body language, and they were so consistent about their stories. One of the children he interviewed said, “We should not rely on technology to find them,” which startled Mr. Mack. What does a child know about the future of technology?

Where Are They Now?

Randall Nickerson found their address on John E. Mack Institute Website. The witnesses were scattered in Canada, New Zealand, Britain, and the United States, and their stories were the same. 

One of the witnesses that Nickerson interviews, mentioned by their parents, is not to tell the stories to their friends. They will think they were crazy and weird. And UFOs and Aliens are not real. 

Some people believe the stories or not. The witness got in touch with the other students who went to the same school and found their stories were true. 

Someone, please make this into a movie. It will be interesting to watch. 

Nickerson went back to Ariel School, and he interviewed teachers and workers who were there at the time that happened. There were other sightings at a nearby school, too, and had similar stories that same day in 1994.