The Olympics is the most popular sporting event to watch on TV, but did you know they are still being used? Some of them have been renovated to become  something else. Here are seven venues across the world that you did know were Olympics stadiums. 

  1. Helsinki Tennis Palace Now A Cinema
Helsinki Tennis Palace Now A Cinema

During the summer games of 1940, the Olympic committee decided to build a tennis palace, but it was canceled due to World War II and leaving the palace without a purpose, luckily for this building. It wasn’t destroyed in the war. In 1952, it was supposed to host the Summer Olympics, and being called the tennis palace, it was big enough and left abandoned for several years. 

Then some business people decided to put this building to use and made it into a 14-theater multiplex big screen equipped with THX and SDDS in all its auditorium rooms. Watching your favorite movies or watching the Olympics on the big screen is so much better.  

  1. London Olympic Stadium, 2012 Summer Games
London Olympic Stadium, 2012 Summer Game

Watching the queen jump out from a helicopter alongside James Bond is one of the most-watched and memorable moments ever watched. Even her hair was intact. But will it be used again in 2024 for the Paris Olympics? If so, it could save them money. 

The stadium hosted all the track and field events which cost a lot of money. And agree to a 99-year-lease, which will be used for a sporting recreation center. 

  1. Beijing Water Cube Now A Water Park
Beijing Water Cube Now A Water Park

In 2008, the Beijing Water Cube was one of the attractions of the Olympics. Michale Phelps set a record, winning eight gold medals in a single Olympics for swimming. After the 2008 summer Olympics, the water cube was transferred into a water park. The park attracts 5,000 visitors each day. They have slides and other water rides for people to enjoy throughout the summer years. I am glad they put it to use instead of abandoning it or being destroyed. 

  1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 1932 & 1984 Summer Games
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

In 1921, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was open, they could have celebrated its centennial year with the Olympics in 2021, but they will host the Olympics for the third time in 2028. In 1932, it hosted field hockey, gymnastic, show jumping, and track and field. And again in 1984, making the first stadium to host the Olympics twice. Now it’s the present home of the USC Trojans football and NFL’s Los Angeles Ram.  

  1. Richmond Olympic Oval, 2010 Winter Games
Richmond Olympic Oval

The 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver; the city was required to construct a long-track speed skating rink over 32 acres. After it was used, they used it for hockey rinks, two running tracks, a climbing wall, a rowing tank, and a flexible field house.

  1. Sydney Showground, 2000 Summer Olympics
Sydney Showground

In 2000, the Summer Olympics were held in Australia, which necessitated constructing a centerpiece stadium. As a result, the Sydney Showground features a dome on top, known as The Dome, which is the most significant wooden construction in the southern hemisphere.

The Showground is now utilized for various events, including conferences, concerts, and major celebrations, indicating that the world’s most significant wooden building is still in use long after the Olympics have ended. It served as the baseball stadium for the Olympic games and is still utilized for sporting events today.

  1. Lysgardsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena, 1994 Winter Olympics
Lysgardsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena

The Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping arena in Lillehammer, Norway, was used in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Lillehammer is a small town with gorgeous mountains, and the view is spectacular.  

It is still being used for the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, and it is a good excuse for your winter vacation and to bring the kids to enjoy the area’s fun.  

It’s a perfect vacation plan to see these magnificent stadiums and their locations.