Derek Chauvin Guilty

Derek Chauvin, 45, was charged with a life sentence of killing George Floyd.  He will be in his eighties. Either will he live or die? People got their wish. Or do they?

We all know cops shoot to kill and do not ask questions until they interview and interrogate potential witnesses of what happened.  The cops and policeperson do not think because victims do not listen. Suppose a cop pulls out a gun on you. Stop running. A speeding bullet can kill you. Listen to them if you listen to them. No one will get hurt.  If we do not listen to them, we will be dead and pull the race card.

When would people stop whatever, they are doing? If cops have a conscious mind, they will not shoot their victims no matter their victims’ ages.  Do not shoot to kill. Give them warning shots, and they will stop. If that does not work, try another method and another method. But do not shoot to kill; that is what they are trained. If cops want to stop their victims, then use a taser.

This is not rocket science or a Ph.D. moment but shoots at their leg. If the victims are fast runners, then you cut them off at an intersecting. If you are a football player, throw something and hit your target with an object.

Here is another method you can use look at your surrounding area and see if you can ricochet a bullet into your victim without killing them.

Try different methods! Think quickly before you shoot to kill. Have a conscious before you pull the trigger. If cops and police people have more common sense and a conscious, their victims will be alive.

Why do we have a protest? Because people want change. If cops and police person do not change, people will riot and loot other businesses.

I do need a washing machine; I will wait for a sale.

Look what happened to New York and especially Portland, Oregon. Massive destructions in our cities. And crime wave too. People protest every day; they want people to change.

I am glad the judge and juries decided on all three counts: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

There must be a better solution instead of killing a person.

No offense. Please no hate comments on this article. Keep it positive—my opinion.