Did you know you could be pull over if you eating a Bigmac while driving? You could, it’s under the distractive driving laws in any state. Texting and putting on make-up are still number one, that’s why more women drivers get into accidents, because of distracting drivers.  And they have lipstick on the side of their face. Stop multitasking in a moving vehicle!

So please anyone who is driving and eating pizza, chicken burritos, fried chicken, Bigmac, Chinese food, eating salad, Indian food, or a  taco bowl! Stop! Make sure you have a napkin and ketchup with your meal.

Seriously, stop eating in your vehicle or you would get ketchup stain on your clothes and you don’t have an extra shirt. If you do have an extra shirt, that’s good, if not a napkin would not help.

What happens if a cop pulls you over and you ask for a napkin? He will give you a ticket for a napkin.

So please stop eating in your vehicles. Or either stop on the side of the road and finish your meal. Don’t rush. Just tell your boss there was a huge line outside of Taco bell.

And seriously there are laws for distracting driving!