If you are a parent and reading my blog and trying to find the best way to educate your child, be involved in your child’s educate. Help them out in any way you can, especially if your child is a senior in High School. Attend parent teacher conferences and see what they are doing. If you are the only one in the parent teacher meeting that means you are the only one who cares, the rest of parents don’t care and there child will end up working in a fast food restaurant and get fired within a month. Talk about learning from your mistakes over and over again, that’s not the future. 

Parents should be concerned, if your son or daughter got a low grade wanted to raise it to a B or A, then talk to their teacher instead of emailing, you need a face to face contact. Since I was there, I saw

a tumble weed passing by me. Is this for real? Am I the only in this school who attend an open house ceremony. At least they had free food there was enough food to feed the whole school. They did not mind if I had taken some in a doggy bag, no need to cook dinner tonight.

Anyway, in Art class, they have many opportunities for a child can succeed. A painting career? My house could need some painting but never mind that, there are many careers. My children are in the STEAM program, Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, they need all the curriculum courses they need before graduating high school, and be ready to take university course when they enter their university of their choice, and get a good scholarship. 

A good teacher wants to hear from you and cater to you and your child needs. If you have a bad teacher DEMAND a better teacher, there are some good teachers out there unfortunately some teachers come to school drunk or get high in the classroom, trust me on this. Students have witness their teacher behavior class. Students need a good teacher, let the student to be the teacher they can teach better than their teacher, and get a good grade. 

We need better leaders, for me I am getting a little older and I need my children to build me a rocket-fuel wheel chair – cheap. So it does take a village to raise a child.