Rick Zano was nominated for Top Teacher Award on the Kelly and Michael show this week.  He teaches world history at Princess Anne High School in Virginia. He knows how to motivate his students into learning.

Which is good, I know we have good teachers out there, but there some bad ones too, which is terrible.  I wish all teachers were entertaining and creative in the classroom. Some do not know how to be entertaining, that’s why students sleep in class, put make up on, do their hair, and order pizza in class with their cell phone.

World history seem to be easy when the teacher can dress in different characters and talk about the character that he was in.  But how can we do it for the worst subjects that students can’t learn and wish their teacher can motivate their student to learn and understand the subject matter a little better? Subjects like Math, Spanish and Chemistry. Someone can dress up like Einstein every day of the school? Until the student got the message, that their teacher was really Einstein.

Students need to understand mathematics for they can be engineers design and built things to make our lives much better. For science to understand and how things work. For chemistry a cure for cancer and live longer and stay longer forever.

When we watch a movie on the DVD, switch the language settings to Spanish, that’s how I learn how to speak Spanish and some catch phrases too.  The other day, I switch the language settings on my Star Wars DVD to Spanish and it was hilarious to watch and listen.

There are opportunities out there for us to work, you may not like it, but we must work, just make your job as an adventure. Take your class for a journey.

There are some teachers who will have inappropriate relationship with a student, the student think they will get an easy A.  Do these teachers know when they have a relationship with a student they will get fired from the job? That’s a no-brainier situation. Stop doing this. A student  will tell no matter if the student either failing or passing the class.

So please teachers who are teaching our children, be creative and entertaining in the classroom. Students need that visual learning from their teachers.