Brawley Middle School received national attention when it was named a “School to Watch.”

“Schools to Watch” is an initiative that was launched in 1999 by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform.  The National Forum gives high-performing middle schools this designation if the school is deemed academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable.

Since it is the best middle school in North Carolina and excellent in their programs of study, it has it’s own mystery.  It was said that this school has a history that goes a good way back. It has relocated from where it was originally established, but mysteries still surround the sightings that many have witnessed there.  It was said that an employee of the school, died of a heart attack. The library especially was said to be haunted by this older woman.

There was one incident happened in 2009, a couple of teenagers who had a late evening of cheerleading practices said, “One night, I forgot my book in the courtyard, so my friend and I went to get in. But when I looked back at the bell tower – an old elevator shaft – there was an old lady standing there who looked like she was dead.  Me and my friend where guessing that it was the employee who had a heart attack in the elevator.  Looking at us. She saw us and we were scared.  We ran back to our moms, but we had to run around the school because the doors where locked.  That was the first time that I believed in the stories about Brawley Middle School.

Some nights the lights would come on in the school untimely, there was no timer on the lights.  Students of the past have said to have seen someone on the second floor hallway, where the library was. An apparition was seen and wandering around and even voices were heard.

There’s a rumor that one of the columns in the library may contained the body of the lady who died there.  Who dares to knock on the column and it might knock back to you. Would you run?

So being the best middle school in NC can have it’s own mystery and be the best.

Is your school haunted?

What’s that behind you?