Do you hate when your children are stuck in the house the whole day or even a week from school? It may be great. No school. No homework. Your children are running around the house playing kickball in the house. Make them your maids and let them clean up the house for money and make them stop annoying each other.

School buses cannot travel thru flood, if there’s a school bus is an ark bus, that would be great. If there’s snow, how about a school bus with skies, which would be great too.

Another thing, one can do if your children are bored at home and if they have finished their homework. Their teacher can give them more study materials through either email, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. If the school website has blackboard account for students and teacher, they should use that too to communicate with their students and their assignments. And the teachers can post assignment and grade them. If a student missed an assignment and give them a due date when it is completed, and REMIND your students constantly and every day about their assignments. Students do tend to do forget things and end up in the principal office many times.

That means they don’t have to go to weekend school or Summer school. They will be caught up and graduate on time with their class. I know that schools and teachers in other states are doing this, because of weather situation and they should do this in North Carolina School System.  I know few high schools teachers are doing this to keep up with their students, assignments and giving them credit of what they are doing.