Since the kids are out of school, it’s like an extended spring break, but when the summer comes along, it’s like why are they still here, it’s the summertime, take a break and enjoy the air, but stay 6 feet away apart, or you will catch something deadly. 

When they come into the house, they must wash their hands and feet. Just take out blue light to see if they have touched someone and if they did. We must contaminate them into the bathroom to get them clean. Use a powerful disinfectant spray. They may look funny. It will work. This virus that is out there is a monster.  

I know it sounds like a bad Syfy film. However, they were right. It could come at any time. Who knew these writers and producers know how to write good blockbuster films and TV shows? Check out The 100 on the CW network. It’s a great show.  

When we teach our kids, I don’t know what their teacher is teaching, they take a simple problem and make it hard on them and make us feel stupid because parents who have either have a Ph.D. or Master Degree in the same subject as the teacher and the teacher don’t know how to keep it simple and short. Teachers make things complicated. And parents get confused. 

Have you noticed since the kids are being homeschooled by their parents, there’s no school violence? Or being bullied? 

Maybe the virus that is out there is a good thing. Is it?

And we could unbrainwash our kids of how to survive in this world today. Being a superhero doesn’t count. But how to do simple things like how to manage money, learn how to cook, and clean their rooms, that could be a hazard site or even more another virus outbreak in their room. How did the meatball get in there? Don’t touch it. And how to be more responsible. 

They don’t teach that in school. Do they? All they show is how to pass the end of the school exams. If they pass, they go to the next grade level and take an advanced course to prepare for the SAT and other exams they need to know. 

Watching The Apprentice or other similar shows can teach us how to be a better leader.  Or watch your parents how they lead their co-workers at their office and how they communicate, that’s a lesson to be learned. 

Parents make better leaders, they learn by examples, and they can teach us how to communicate with one another. We don’t need a meeting with the teacher just because their child misbehaves in class. They are not in class. They are at home, with their parents who can take care of them. 

I used to be an educator myself. I see how parents go through, and I see how teachers go through, and it is not an easy job. It’s a lot of hard work and patience.