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First day of kindergarten, first day of first grade, first day of middle school, first day of High school and last day of high school.  We have been in school for the past decades of our lives and we have to do it all over again when we go to college or university of our choice to get a better career in our life.

Do your children ever get tired of going to school? They need a break, take them to a short vacation like a museum – more learning. It can be educational or just plain fun.

Schooling in the public school helps them to become a better person and become a better leader.

We learned leadership from our teachers, professors and our parents. We learn from the best to the worst in which it can shape our world.

Also, they will learn how to take quizzes and exams throughout their lives and prepared themselves for the SAT when they reach high school and the last semester when they graduate.

Children should also learn how to think logical and become a positive role model to their peers and community.

They need algebra and calculus in the real world; it will help them to become problem solvers instead of complainers.

They will need art, not only for expression but also for being creativity, and one can put graffiti on the school wall but not in the city wall or property.

When you watch American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got talent, these are the platform for getting discover and the skills you have, or other reality TV talent shows out there – casting calls.

Sometime the judges will either give them one or two chances to audition, to impress the judges. It is always to have a backup plan, but we must pass the preliminary rounds before the real judges can judge you – the casting and producers. If you can impress them, they will let you go through to the next round.

Look at these young performers; they have confidence and determination; and unique personalities.  They have learned how to perform in front of a huge audience and TV audience. Millions of people are watching them, that’s courage.

If you can stand up in class, than you can stand up in front of millions of people and showcase your talent to the world. The celebrity’s judges can either make you or break you. We must know how to handle criticism and rejection; they have worked so hard in their skills or talent. It’s a learning experience.