Do you know why teachers are retiring early in their careers? Within two to five months? Is it the pay? Incentive pay. Mostly it is the resources they are not getting and unruly students in the classroom. 

We have excellent teachers out there who know the subject very well, and they want to shape and inspire young minds of children to be young adults and let them be themselves. 

These teachers have graduated from top schools and wind up teaching in public schools. 

However, when they start to teach in public schools, some students want to learn, and some do not,  that is the problem of public school teaching. They have students in the classroom who wanted to play video games on their phones the whole day. Why? And they misbehave in school. 

Overcrowding in the classroom is another thing, how can they reach out to everyone in the classroom? If you have more than 20 students. They cannot watch every student. And it is stressful for every teacher. 

I am not a teacher, but I hear this all the time. I have friends who are teachers, and they tell stories about their students, some of them quit in the middle of the school year. Because of idiotic students. 

Writing students up, calling parents, and telling their angel child is misbehaving in class again for the third time. It is a headache for both teachers and parents. 

And parents keep telling the teachers, “have you had children?”  

Just because the teacher is new and single who doesn’t have any kids. Really? If single teachers decide to have children on their own, they will give them more rules of disciplinary action and consequences. I don’t want my child to act like that in the classroom. 

The best way to handle it, if the school administration doesn’t allow it in the classroom, have hidden cameras in the classroom to defend your case and yourself. And see it for themselves. 

Since students like to record the bad behavior of teachers, turn the tables on them. But remember you are a teacher. What you say to a child can hurt your career. Watch your words and action.  The cell phone is more powerful than a pen. 

When it comes down to meeting with the parents. Don’t say anything. Just show the video. Then let the parents handle the disciplinary action on their child. 

If the parents asked where did you get the video, tell them the state put cameras in each classroom. If they keep asking, give the parents a choice of what would happen to their child.  

If that doesn’t work, watch the news. You will know what I mean! They want attention in the wrong way! Prison School is far better than public school. Except for the bathroom and food. Our tax money is wasted. 

Teachers are trying their hardest to grab the students’ attention and keep them engaged in learning and how to do things. Teachers are trying to be creative, and students either like it or not. 

Teachers can’t control your child in the classroom. 

Parents must know how to discipline their children no matter what class they are in, blue color or white color, all races too. 

This is not the only one; many teachers are either retiring or quitting early in teaching. 

You want better teachers. 

Tell their parents to discipline their children.


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