I live on Four Forks Road, and when I heard, the news about the 19-year old Allie Gable of Virginia Beach lost her life on the intersection of Peartree road and Pits Chapel road.  Something needs to be done, before another car crash in the corner. Did the blinking lights help? Did she notice it? We have to pay attention on the road today before we get into another car crash.

According to a study by NCDOT, from 2004 to 2009, 23 crashes have been reported at this intersection. And two other crashes one in June of 2009 and the recent one this past week, Monday May 9, 2011.

More blinking lights on all four corners of the intersecting, not a bad idea, but it should be continuously blinking lights. It might disturb the neighborhood in the middle of the night, but the street should be safe and lighting around the area of the intersection.  When people drive at night it’s impossible to see the intersections at night, it needs lighting.

People should be aware of the traffic and use their common sense when driving through an intersection. Slow down at the intersection before making any turns, even though you may have the right away to make turns, just wait for a few minutes and then make the turn.