Have you ever opened a door and see men dressed in black suits? It could have been the men in black. Cue the music!

But these men in black were funeral employees to take away the body and put it in body bag. They looked creepy when they arrived at my door and stood still for a moment. Then one of them recognized me. We met recently at my high school reunion last year, it was our 30th anniversary, we graduated in 1985. I still looked the same as a teenager but older.

They sent my dad and I to another room, the living room. Donald Trump was on CNN town hall meeting. We had to mute him, because he was babbling about making the world great again. It was funny to see his lips moving and not saying a word.

We couldn’t see what they were doing to my mom. I know they had to put my mom in the body bag and zip her up.

They asked if we would like to see the body. Once was enough. We have seen her body in the bed. She was cold with her mouth open. Scary to see, but peaceful. The nurse took the catheter tube from the body earlier ago.

When she was gone from the house, I ripped the bedsheet from the bed, spray fabric freshener to make it smell good and wash the bed sheets that night. I watch The Jimmy Fallon shows and other comedy late night to take my mind off what had happened that night. Comedy is a good tool to release the stress. We need laughter to release the stress.

I missed her.