For me, I never had any trouble in any subject, except for Mathematics – calculus. I needed a tutor. The only person who could tutor me was Melissa Chapman. She was pretty, brunette curly locks, hazel eyes, and she had the brains of Einstein. Well not exactly as Einstein but she was smart and pretty. So beauty and brains do go together, especially her, and she agreed to help tutor me in calculus. We were going to study in the library on the campus. She insisted to study in her dorm in Bias Hall. So I went to Bias Hall on the Campus at Elizabeth City State University. It was my first time entering the dorm building. In the center of the foyer was a big portray, picture of John C. Bias. Looking at the picture gives me the creep.

“Are you ready?” said Melissa Chapman

“Yes” I said. She startled me.

“So you go to this school and never entered this building” Melissa said.

“I lived nearby and it’s not that far” I said

“Since the library has mold problems I thought we could study in my dorm room. Mold makes me sick” Melissa said. She smile at me.

“I agree” I said.

We entered her room. It was one big room with a bay window, next to it was a sofa chair with a TV on one side. It had a coffee table with some books and notes on it. The two beds were either side of the room. One was on the left and the right, with their desks on the side of the bed. The walls and the room feels cozier, and she decorated the room as a contemporary style.

“My room mate Debbie Morhard has to work tonight. You wouldn’t mind the two of us together study together here” Melissa Chapman said, she was going to her side of the room, to take off her shoes and put on comfortable shoes.

“No problem” I said, for me I am here to be tutor by her. In other words, we are just friends from class. Then I heard a ding.

“I have the popcorn ready,” Mellissa said. She went to the microwave. She pulled out the popcorn. And she pours it in a bowl.

We sat down on the couch by the bay window. I took out my Calculus book from my book bag and notebook.  She was about to explain about the raindrop theory to me. Then a loud clanging noise came outside her room in the hallway. We ran outside of the room to see what it was.

The hallway was half-lighted giving it a creepy feeling in the hallway.

Almost every girl on the first floor heard the noise. Some of the women were in there nightgown. Expect for one, one was naked underneath her robe, it was a see through robe. I hid behind Melissa for no one could not see me and I was the only guy in the dorm.

“What was that noise?”  One of the girls said.

“I don’t know but I am going to see who was down the hall.” She was the resident assistant. “At the mean time, go back to your room.” She went down the hallway to see. Where did the noise come from?

As Melissa and I went back to our room. Melissa and I felt something cold went through our bodies. It gave us goose bumps and the hair on the back of our neck stood up. Did we encounter a ghost in the hallway? The hallway room was warm, but the temperature dropped cold. We have both heard a moan in front of us. We just stood there for a second and went to her room.

“What was that?” Melissa said.

“That sounded like a moan. Clear as day. Is this place haunted by a ghost?” I said. Shivers went through our bodies.

“ I don’t know. Never heard about it” Melissa said.

“I know we planned a study session tonight. Do you still want to continue with the study session?” I asked.

“Can I reschedule the tutor?” Melissa said.

“Sure” I said.

“I call you.  I am little bit shaky about this ghost thing.  Sorry. ” Melissa said.

“It’s okay” I said. I grabbed my books and book bag and got out of the building quickly. Not knowing, why would she stay there?

The next morning, I got a called from Melissa. She was crying, not knowing what happened.

“Slow down, Melissa what happened” I said.

What she had told was the most terrifying night she had. I should have stayed with her. However, she told me to leave. What happened to Melissa was that she woke half-naked in her bed. Her door was locked the whole night, and no one could not get into her room. Someone was in her room and had sex with her. It or the ghost took off her pants off. It pressed against her. She felt hands on her body and it was warm.

“Listen to me Melissa. I did some reading at the library this morning. I found out, a security guard, by the name Tommy Chase. He died 15 years ago. He was caught of raping a girl in that building. Ever since he died, he comes back to spy on them and he was a sexual pervert back then too.” I said.

“Thank you.” Melissa said to me.

“Get the hell out of room Tommy Chase. You don’t belong here you sexual pervert. Get Out!” Melissa yelling at her room, as she was trying to exorcised her room.

“Thank you for help” Melisa said to me over the phone.

“When we would have a tutor session” I asked.

“Soon. I am going to move out soon”

“Okay” I said.  She hung up the phone.

Right then, Melissa room mate Debbie came in.

“What happened here?” Debbie asked.

“It came back for me, Debbie” Melissa said.

First it raped Debbie and she had to move out of the dorm.

“It was the ghost of Tommy Chase the security guard he came by and raped me” Melissa said.

“I am so sorry Melissa. I shouldn’t have let you stayed here by yourself, but I found us a new dorm – no ghost. He won’t bother us no more.” Debbie said. Debbie hugged Melissa and she needed that.

Melissa and Debbie settle in their new dorm.  Melissa called me for the tutor and we had a great time tutoring in her new dorm.