College freshmen are ready to go to their university to get educated and further their career, sometime it can stop abruptly because of campus crime.

Students think since they got a dorm room and wanted to be independent, and they live only 15 miles away from home. It would be cheaper to stay at home.Independence is good, but a home cook meal every night would be good and their comfort and safety in their room.

The crime rate on campus is always undetected in their local newspaper, but it is told through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Being safe on campus is a no brainer, we do have to be very observant in our surrounding area, and if we have a conservation with a classmate and that classmate wanted the student to come and join a sorority, just be careful and look for clues and ask a lot of questions. Look through history at the library to see if it matches.

Remember those days when a teacher would play does those observation games in the class room, one person would randomly leave the room, and the class has to remember what they were wearing.  We do have to remember what people say and what they are wearing. It would help the officers to find the perpetrator and stop them before anything else could happen.

We have to stay on alert on campus; sometime professor would pull a stunt or prank on their students to make them more aware of their surrounding. It may be stupid, but it makes the student to think.

When we go to sleep in the dorm, sometime students may hear someone moaning in the hallways, it could be the professor who is the pulling the prank, but he’s no-where in the dorm. It could have been the wind, but the wind is not blowing that hard to make the noise, then it get’s louder and louder. What could it be? The building and the room is over 50 years old, and no one told the students on campus what happened their many years ago.  Someone died in that room, and it used to be a campus hospital, but it is nicely decorated to look like a dorm room. We don’t know. The students wanted an education, and they don’t pay attention to details. It’s not the dog that ate your homework; it’s the ghost which did your homework – more like a ghost writer. We do have some haunted university out there, and we don’t know about it. Get to know your university first.

Students and their hormones would go crazy. It’s it’s like high school all over again. We see someone attractive, and the student wanted to get to know one of another. However, how well do these students know each other. We can do background check on the internet, sometimes it can help, not very thing is on Facebook and Myspace. Students can have an alias name, and we don’t know about it.  Students may experience new things like they would never do at home but wanted to experience same sex with one another. Is that why they wanted their independence? Alcohol and drugs happen to every campus.

We have to be armed and protect ourselves  from any kind of danger take a self-defense  course. If your residence directory would not allow the students to have any weapons in your room, just get it anyway and keep it quiet. Pepper spray, Tasers and a water gun, it can be useful.

There was one girl who was followed by a stranger, she aimed the gun at the victim and sprayed the victim with pepper spray in her water gun. Smart moved.