Is there a possibility that the eastern part of the U.S can be struck by a tsunami wave? Right here, in North Carolina and Virginia coastline and other states on the coast too.

When the earthquake struck Japan and caused major destructive and a radiation vapor leaking into the air, the nuclear power could not cool it down, because they had no power to the nuclear plant. Now it is still over heating and it needs to cool down – where is superman when you needed him.  Evidently, the possibility of a leak of the nuclear plant is very small.

The Canary Islands off the coast of Africa has volcanoes, if you know your geography that is the distance of 7,660.62 miles from the USA and to us too. If the volcano erupts, with earthquakes and tsunami waves occur. Massive landslide following a major volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands would send a 300-foot wave across the Atlantic, causing devastation to coastal towns and cities.

However, the possibilities for us across the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal states are low possibilities to hit us. North Carolina has a continental shelf and if the tsunami hit us, we could have a flooding. It would not hit us as a major destructive it would cause, but a little flood.  So do not panic. Just prepared a survival kit.


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