When I saw the coffin above ground, I knew she wanted to be in the ground, because the night of the visitation, people did not want to sit down. They wanted to remember her and talk about the good things about her and me (her son). I took care of her, because I was her home care nurse at home.

Did I see my mom boogie down with the disco lights above? Funeral music.

It was more like a reunion, some of my friends heard the news that my mom passed away through Facebook and newspaper, it’s the only way to communicate with friends. I read the news on Facebook too.

When people started to talk to other people, I could feel my mom close to me – her presence. The hair of skin would stand up and the temperature around me would be cold, even through my jacket when the room was warm. She was there, with me, when I moved she would move too. She was standing next to me.

At the gravesite, people were gathering around to say their final good byes. My dad read a beautiful prayer to her from the book Purnanga Namaz Shiskha: Complete Lesson on Namaz. It was a beautiful prayer. Making my mom to go to heaven. I know my mom enjoyed the prayer. She was close to me again. Why am I feeling her presence? How come my dad doesn’t feel her presence? I like her presence around me. Maybe there was too many people in the group and she wanted to stay close to me. I like her presence. Stay with me.