An Eagle Without His Head

When I graduated from High School, I did something unusually and probably students in my class may not remember it at all. It happened 31 years ago, here’s the story:

Our mascot was the eagle. Not the real Eagle.  No did I not. People have dirty minds.

Oh well, it was the costume. No one knew I was in the Eagle Costume. I did not steal it, but I borrowed it. It was laying around in the girl’s locker room. Luckily, the girls were outside cheering for the basketball game.  It was my first time in a girl’s locker room. I did not see anything. But the shower was running. No, I did not peek. Maybe a little. I was curiosity. So, I saw it. Whew. It was big and cute. Not that big, cute, and petite.  She was our high school homecoming queen, Stacy Class; every guy wanted her. And I was the cute dorky student that no one knew. I had a picture of her in my locker. Her locker was next to mine.

I put on the costume; the costume needed to be dry clean. How could Stacy wear this costume?  I saw some air freshener nearby. I think it was air-freshener, it read “Michael Jackson’s perfume.” So, if I spray it, will it make me dance like Michael Jackson? Let’s see what happened.

I sprayed it, and the odor of the costume did not help. I grabbed a cloth, I think it was a cloth, but it will do. It was someone bra. Smell good. So, I used it as a gas mask for I could breathe fresh air and I was good. I put the head of the Eagle on, and I got the panty hose for the Eagle’s legs.

And I walked out; people were cheering for me because I was underneath the Eagle costume. I did the moon walk like Michael Jackson would do, and the audience went wild with it. Maybe the Michael Jackson perfume did work on me.

Then I heard Stacy voice from the girl’s locker room.

“Who are you? I am coming for you” Stacy said.

I turned my beak around, and I saw Stacy staring at me.

Would you believe she was wearing a cheerleader outfit without no bra and wet hair? She charged at me.  I ran around the court, and she was chasing me.  The audience was laughing and cheering for either of us.

Then I tripped, and she landed on top of my back. She flipped me over and took off my mask, and she found her bra on my face. She took that off too.

“What are you doing?” Stacy said. She was on top of me.

“I got laid?” I said, smiling. I was on the ground.

The crowd laugh. She was embarrassed.

It was hysterical.


The Ghost at the Prom

All she wanted to do is dance, my prom date. She wanted to dance with me. She was the first girl I ever wanted to dance with me. She was pretty, long curly brunette hair, and she had the most gorgeous face. Her face glowed when she smiled at me. In other words, she was hot, but whenever I touch her like her hands or a small section of her body. She was cold, outside was quite cold too, and everyone had their jacket over their gown or tuxedo. I had the most beautiful girl with me.  The prom dress she wore was the beaded rhinestone jewel trim ivory color, and she was gorgeous. For me, a tuxedo and I looked dashing like those spies in the movie.

But the oddest part, she picked me where I was at a table watching my other seniors friends dancing with their dates. I came to the prom by myself and out of the blue she appeared to join me and asked me if I could dance her. I said yes. I had a great time with her.  She introduced herself as Stephanie Chapman, and she goes to Northeastern High School. She’s a senior and about to graduate this year.  I was too and I was happy that she would have graduate this year. I have a girlfriend whom I met at the prom, which was unusually to meet at the prom. Maybe it was my lucky day.

She was so energetic and she had a great personality. I almost was falling in love her, and she was too with me. Even so, when the music changes to slow tempo music, she had her body close to me. She was little cold. I offered my tuxedo jacket, and she took it and put over her gown to keep warm.

She looked into my eyes and said to me “ I am having the best night, thank you for this wonderful night.”

“My pleasure, Stephanie” I said.

We dance, the music was great, and the rhythm of the music that the DJ was playing at his booth was perfect for a slow dance. The disco ball and the lights were bouncing all over the place in the cafeteria.

“Come with me” Stephanie said.  She grabbed my hand.

“Where we are going?”  I ask.

She took my hand and she led me out of the dance floor.  We passed by the library and in the corner, there were supposed to be a chaperon, they’re making sure the seniors would not sneak out to the hall way and making out in the empty classroom. Is that what she wanted to do? Make out with me? I was ready for it, in a good way.  She ran down the hall way, and I ran after her, like she was teasing me. It was a good tease. Then she entered a class room. I went after her and follow her to the classroom. When I got inside the classroom, she disappeared. There’s no way she could hide in the classroom when it is half lighted, I could see the sewing machines and the desks. Then a voice in the classroom appeared.

“Who are you?” the voice said. He was at the back of the room and slowly approaching to me.

“I am a friend of Stephanie Chapman. Did you see her come her?” I asked.

“My name is Walter, I am her ex-boyfriend” Walter said. He was a little older to be senior at the high school.

“I didn’t know that you dated her. I am sorry Walter” I said. I was a little nervous what he was going to me. Was he going to fight at me? I don’t really know.

“It’s okay” Walter said. I was reveal. And it was strange.

“Did Stephanie come through here?” I asked again.

“No she hasn’t come through here?”

“But I saw her entered the classroom. I know there’s no possibilities way of hiding in here. Where is she? ”

“You wouldn’t believe me. What I am going to tell you”

“Tell me what?” Tell me what?

“Your date? Stephanie. She died.”

“What?! You killed her. I am getting the cops” I was about to leave to call the cops.

“ No don’t go.  She died five years ago.”

“What? I don’t understand? What is going on here?” I was puzzled.

“Let me tell you a story. Stephanie Chapman, your new girl friend had an affair while I was dating her back in high school. I got upset with her. When I found out she was dating Brock in the band? It made me angry.  When I saw them kissing in the band room.  I stormed out and she came after me. She wanted to apologize to me. But I didn’t want to listen to her. When she followed me into the sewing room, I just got really angry at her. I told her she was a stupid slut! She started to cry. She ran out of the front door and out to the street and got killed instantly by a car. I stood here, helplessly. Didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do. She wanted to apologize and I didn’t listen.”

“I am so sorry, Walter. What happened to you?” I asked.

“I was let out two years early in my probation. Then I heard three guys got killed, because of her. She wanted to find a perfect boyfriend for herself. I wanted to stop it before anything happened. You would be her next victim. When she doesn’t get her way.  She would get mad and drive the boys crazy and then they would commit suicide, in this room. That’s where Stephanie and I had our fight here.”

“Oh my god! I would be her next victim.” I was scared.

The blue light ball figure that was floating in the air, morph it self into Stephanie’s face and the rest of her body. Her voice appeared.

“I am so sorry, that you have to hear this. It’s true what Walter said. I would never hurt you. I like you.”  Stephanie said.    “Walter, thank you. I wanted to apologize what have done to you” Stephanie said.

“Apologize accepted, Stephanie” Walter said.

“You are looking great Walter” Stephanie said.

“Thanks” Walter said.

“I wanted to give you something. That, I didn’t get a chance to do with you.” Stephanie said. She turned to me and kissed me on my lips, it was cold, but she was sending me a good bye kiss before she crossed over. A white light appeared and her spirit entered the light. She would never harm any guys after this.  She disappeared into the white light.

I was Bullied by a Ghost

It all started, when I went home in the afternoon, after school. I got my books in my car and started the engine. As soon as I started the engine, my radio was playing a different music on my car radio and then started to play different songs, with the lyrics of being guilty. Guilty of what? I did not do anything. While I was going home, the drive was good but my radio was acting up the whole time until I reached home and turned off the engine. It stopped.

My parents weren’t home. They would come later in the evening from work and since I was having trouble in math. I had invited a friend over to help me.  I put on the TV, started the lap top and I went to the kitchen to make a snack for myself. Popcorn and carrots are always great to eat when I study on the computer and watching TV.  While I was making the popcorn and chopping the carrots on the cutting board, I felt someone was watching me right in front of me and then a cold breeze went to through my body. My hair on my body stood up like I had goose bumps. It was not cold in my house, it was warm and the windows in the kitchen were closed.

I then sat on the sofa. I had the TV on watching my favorite show and started to do my homework in algebra. I had to answers some few questions. While I was flipping through the pages of my book and looking for the answer at the end of book, I was still confused.  When I turned my head to the computer screen, big words surprise me it said: “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” I dropped the laptop on the floor.

“Who’s here?!” I said. There was no sound. Then the TV went snowy and an eerie voice said “I know what you did” I was scared and it was strange.

“What did I do?” I said I stood up and looked around to see who was in my house.  Is my house haunted by a ghost?  I had no enemies. What did it want? The knife from the kitchen flung across the room from the kitchen and headed right towards me. I quickly ducked and the knife dug deeply in the wall. It nearly killed me.

Then my cell phone rang, that scared me too. It was Lisa.

“Hello Lisa. Where are you?” I said

“I am coming over and tutor you,” Lisa said over the receiver from the cell phone.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. My house has gone mad,” I said. Nearly freaking out.

“What? I’ll be there. I am not that far,” Lisa said.

“Okay hurry up” I said. I closed my cell and waited for Lisa.

A mist and then a shadow appeared in front of me. It appeared to be a man. A man I don’t know and it wanted to kill me. It grabbed my neck and lifted me up slowly off the ground. It was squeezing my neck. I was gasping for air. I could feel the hands of this strange ghost like figure and the strength that it can lifted me off the floor.

Then Lisa came in and she saw me floating in mid-air.

“No!” Lisa said.

The ghost dropped me on the sofa and made it’s way to Lisa. The mist and ghost appeared to Lisa. It looked at her. Lisa wasn’t afraid of him.

Lisa recognized the smell. It was her brother cologne.

“Joe, is that you? I am sorry. I wish you could tutor me.  You were better. You made straight A’s and I did not. I know Hank used to treat you bad and teased you. You decided to take your life. Just because he was, mean to you.  I know that you don’t like him. It’s been three months. You have to move forward. Find the light and go. I will be fine. I know you will watch over me.”

The mist or ghost like figure was standing next to Lisa. It was her dead brother. He was haunting me?

“Would it be better if I leave and you can go someplace better? Hank just got out from probation and he’s making things work.  I am helping him in Algebra. If you want me to leave please make a noise or something and I will leave.”  Lisa said.

I mouth words to her “Don’t go”

The knife was pulled off from the wall, and dropped to the floor.

“I am sorry Hank,” Lisa said to hank. “Joe would not bother you again, I made a deal with him and I am sorry. I didn’t know this will happen.”  Lisa left the house. The bright light came in the room and Joe crossed over.

What just happened here? The ghost of Joe was haunting and scaring me, because I was being mean to him over three months ago. He hung himself and took his own life. Oh, my god, the ghost of Joe, Lisa brother, was taking a revenge on me, just because I bullied him.

I saw the Ghost of Nell Cropsey


It was the night I would not forget. I wasn’t scared. It just shocked me. I did not believe it. I never told the story to anyone. Who would believe me?

Elizabeth City has their annual ghost walk. I like to go there because I like to see people dressed up in costumes and hear their side of the story – the history of Elizabeth City as if they were told by ghost, not the real ghost but the actors portraying the ghost.

The tour bus took me on west main street and I visited the Warren Jennette House.  It was built in 1914 during the Civil War period; it’s a 2 ½ story residence, like a plantation house of the south, like it came out of the Gone With the Wind movie. Another words it was a big house and it looked creepy from a distance. But when I got in, the stair case was the center piece and it was quite beautiful and wide. It had rooms upstairs, the rooms down stairs were quite elegant beside the stairs, like you can hear Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara running in the house. The ghost host mentions the ghost of Warren Jennette haunts one of rooms upstairs. The doors would open and creaking noise of foot steps would appeared at night. Since we had a lot of people in the group. The ghost did not appear. Maybe it was shy to see a lot of people inside his house.

Then the bus tour guide took me to Virgina Dare Arcade, that’s the only tall building in the area of Elizabeth City, NC. It makes the Empire State Building looked taller. Built in 1927, the Virginia Dare Hotel and Arcade encompasses a 9-story brick hotel in the center of the block, a 2-story skylighted arcade, and a 2-story office wing. This Neo-Classical Revival style building features yellow brick veneer, stone, and terra cotta decorative details. Ray S. Jones, Sr. haunts the Virginia Dare Hotel, where he served as manager. So when you stay and you don’t pay your rent. He will scared you out of the building. His son Ray S Jones, JR is in his 80’s and he recently was seen in “Harvey” The Maguire Theater Present, as the cab driver. He was the nicest and patient man to work with it.

The bus tour went to the Pond House on Rivershore road; it passed by Nell Cropsey house because it wasn’t on the tour guide. It should have, that’s the most famous haunted house in Elizabeth City. At the pound house, the house was built in 1941 for William Gassoway Gaiter and his wife Helen (Robinson) Gaither. Surrounding the entire house is a superb dentiled cornice and decorated frieze. This frieze is most apparent at the impressive southwest entrance. The moat near the house was part of Pasquotank River. The owner was a bottle manufacture for Lt. Samuel Waters. Did you know he had monkeys as bodyguards for his house? He used monkeys as pets, but they were better guarding the house instead of being pets. I swear I was eating a banana while the presentation was going on my banana flew out of my hand and landed on the ground –that was weird.

I had to go to the bathroom, since it was cold and dark outside. I snuck out of the group and found a tree where I can fertilized it. I was relived. Relived to see my group on the bus and it left me at the Pond House, which was not good. I ran after my group, but it was too late. It left me. I could stayed and wait for the next bus to come or I could wait. I decided to walk towards the city.

While I was walking I saw a young girl wearing a white shirtless tank top and white sweat pants. I came up to her and being good Samaritan I offered my jacket to her.

“Thanks” she said. “But what about you?”

“I will be okay. I have thick skin to keep me warm,” I said to her. She smile at me and she thought I was funny and it made her laugh. “Can I walk you home?” I asked.

“Sure.”  She had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short light brown hair that reached toward her shoulder.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“It’s Ellen” she said with a smile and she had the most beautiful smile too. It can melt any men with her smile. It got me and I fell for it.

“What you doing in the night like this?” I asked.

“Watching people visiting these supposedly haunted houses”  Ellen said.

“For me I don’t believe in ghost. It’s the actor who are portraying as ghost and telling their story, that’s the interest part”  I said.

“Me too. And why do they get older actors to portray younger person. It doesn’t make any sense. I am young. I should play N – . Never mind.” Ellen said.

She was interesting and we started to have long conversation. We talked and walk in the cold night air We talked about everything her family and my family. My family history was okay, but her family had a lot of history. I just listen to her. When she talked, her face would glow when she mentioned the name Jim Wilcox. I don’t know him. Sounded like he was her boyfriend, she remembered him and the time spend they spent together. It was vivid for her. She was quite interesting too. She was lonely and she wanted to talk to someone. Probably I was the first. We got along with each other. Then she gazed into my eyes and came closer to me. Her lips came closer to my lips. Then a headlight of a vehicle blinded both us. She stopped and back away from me.

“I am so sorry. I liked you. You are the first guy who would listen to me.” Ellen looked at me when she said this to me I was blushing a little.

“I am,” I was shocked. I met a girl at ghost walk.  “Okay” I said.  She was fallen in love with me. My first girlfriend and we were about to kiss.

She then came closer to me again, her tip of lips touched my lips, and it was cold.  Probably it was the cold air outside. It was quite chilly that night. Then another vehicle flashed the headlights at us and she disappeared.

What? She bailed on me and took my jacket too. I almost had a girlfriend. Then I noticed where I was. I was standing in front of the Cropsey’s house before Ellen disappeared on me. I went up to the house knocked on the door. The door opened a woman in her 40’s appeared.

“I remember you. You came here a year ago for the Ghost Walk last year.” The lady remember.

“Yes I did” What blew my mind away was the painting of Nell Cropsey on the wall in the back, I recognized her. It was the same girl. Same face, different outfit, and she changed her name on me.

“That’s the painting of Nell Cropsey on the wall” The lady said. I was staring at the picture.

“I just had a one night stand with Nell Cropsey” I said and I was still shocked.

“What? She has been dead over a century ago. Wait a minute. You saw the ghost of Nell Cropsey?” The lady was surprised too. The lady sat me down and gave me a drink of water. I was shocked and awe. I told her what happened.

“We were about to kiss and the flash of headlight blinded us and she disappeared with my jacket. There was nothing on the ground or around me.” I said.

“You lost your jacket?” The lady asked.

“Yes I did. It was red coat jacket. Like the one you have on the coat rack over there.” I was surprised to see my jacket. How did it get there?  “ Oh my god. How did it get inside the house” Still I was still surprised.

I was inside Nell Cropsey house. I walked her home. We had a great time together and I almost kissed her. This was too scary.

“Did  she mentioned  who killed her?” Then the lady asked me

“She did mentioned something that she hurt her head in the woods. Because it was too dark to see. She hit her head on a tree on one side and collapse to the ground. The water rose and drifted her to the river. With her emotions she was emotional confused of why Jim did not want to married her, that’s why she ran. She was emotional and ran”  I said.

The lady was shocked  and cried too.  The lady did not identify herself to me, either she was the next generation of the Cropsey family or curious to know what happened. The name was withheld. Why did she talked to me?