Do you ever feel a vibration coming around your house and you thought it was an Earthquake where you live at?

If you live in the eastern part of North Carolina where there is no mountains just plain flat land and some small hills. You may thought we have an Earthquake or an obese person running outside your house.  Why do I keep feeling vibrations around the house in the afternoon? Two possibilities: reason we really did have an earthquake in January 2011 or we have the Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity, near the city of Hertford, NC. This was an operating base for seaplanes during World War II and conducting anti-submarine surveillance of the Atlantic coast. A Naval facility in Weeksville, NC served as a blimp base after World War II.

Now the facility in Hertford county used as ATF and FBI training ground for complex training for their troops on terrorism. The vibrations maybe blowing up a building and the shock waves travels towards us.

In January 2, 2011 after the New Year celebration, we had a 2.5 magnitude earthquake around Franklin and Raleigh North Carolina; Maryville and Knoxville, Tennessee.  Did anyone felt anything? Or just fell to your bed, just because you had a hangover from celebration of the New Year.