Students can become very stressful, especially their grade.  However, students do not have to yell and scream at their professor. The professor sees it as a threat to them and possible the students may do harm either to do the professor or the school.

Remember, Virginia Tech a few days ago, a police man was killed on duty, and the shooter killed himself. But what his motive? Was it a bad grade that he received from the professor?

Students must know it’s not the end of the world, a bad choice of words, but sometime the student may feel stressful of why did he get a bad grade.  The grade will be permanently be recorded in the grade book and the student transcript with a note that the student has a bad temper. If the student calms down, the professor may give the student an incomplete and complete the assignment as necessary for the professor to grade it. For this case, a no way. The student did the wrong thing, and it may cost the student of bad behavior in the professor office.

The professor was shaken up by the student, and the professor did the right thing. Since the student was yelling and screaming at the professor a nearby professor heard what was going on. The professor removed the student from the professor office, and the professor called the campus security which is the right thing do. Let the campus security handle the situation, if it gets’s out of hand, then called the police.

What would have happened if the student came back and have a shooting spree on campus, then we would have another crime on campus and another national debate of campus crime?

Students should have known how to communicate, and the professor should have a back-up plan.  If the professor knows about the student behavior in the class, have a professor on duty. Or, a possibility a security guard nearby. We do not want a mass killing on campus ground again.