As you may know Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, CT on Friday Dec. 14. The gunman died of a self-inflicted bullet wound, but his father and brother, Ryan Lanza, are being questioned by authorities. They, however, are not suspects.

Would you believe the media mistaken Ryan for Adam?  Can the media have a fact checker on hand to get the facts right before they presented with breaking news. Producers take notes. Take your time in getting the facts straight. We can wait. No need to rush to get ratings for the show.  We just want the facts.

And for the reporters they want to get that exclusive information who has witness the horrific crime – the children. If the reporters got permission from the parents to interview their child then it is okay.

Where do we found guns? Probably at Wal-Mart they are a little bit cheaper than at gun shop across the nation. But why are people buying guns? To make their family safer, if you have a son or daughter who’s into Karate then you don’t need a gun.

Can we stop gun control? Yes. Don’t buy it. When I was small living in Texas I was sound asleep in bed. My dad woke up to a sound of someone outside who was trying to get in from the back door. I think he heard the door jiggle.  So he grabbed a gun that was next to the bed, he pointed the gun like he was about to shoot someone. My dad went to the back door and the door was jiggle again.

“I have gun in my hand and I am not to afraid to use” my dad said.

When the burglar heard what he said. The burglar ran away.  I woke up and I wanted a drink from the kitchen. I saw what my dad was holding it was my plastic gun.

We keep hearing this over and over again that violence is influence by video games and movies. Periods movies that deal with history are an exception. We can’t change history, because it’s violence content in history.

However, there are some violent movies out and I can’t name them all. The Dark Knight Rises is one of them. It may be the best movie out there, but due to the nature of violence. It was heavy with a lot violence. We can’t tell a story without violence. Batman has a military vehicle that can shoots and destroy anything that goes in it path. Critics love this movie as being one of the best batman movies. As long it has a story and violence in the movie people. I rather see giant robots fighting or the three stooges.

Why do parents buy video games with violent content and give it to the child to play the game on there game console and telling them its an education game. The characters may be fantasy fiction with cool graphics and special effects, but violence pays a role of grabbing extra points – even dodge ball is safer.

Is it time to stop playing all those violent games and watching movies with violence it in and play some education games to stimulate the mind with creative ideas.  We can be smart and make good grades in class.

For the guns in the house any one can get access to it, if we know the location and the secret location it’s easier to find. But why do we purchase weapons?  Safety? An automatic assault rifle for safety?  Are we going to be attack by Zombies? Zombies are not real, it’s a fictionize creature.

Then we have mental patients with all kinds of mental disorders and when they see a gun they think it’s a toy and want to use it. We all know what happens,  a love one dies  and the mental patient goes back into the institution and we the tax payers are paying for it? Might as well leave the mental patient rot and die in the institution.  We can’t handle them they are danger to our society. They may be intelligent, smart, and know how to be creativity to makes bombs that destroy and kill people. They like to see bodies flying up in the air and they laugh at it as it was funny to them, that’s serious crap  with mental problems. Leave them in the mental institution.

There are thousands of mental institution across the united states from the 1940’s and today. And each institution has a story of mental patients going crazy because they were neglected from their parents who can’t handle them. Now these institutions are abandon with paranormal activity. If you are planning to go alone to these institutions by yourself or with a group and want to take a dare or a risk  to see real paranormal activity – Don’t. You will never know what will happen. Bad or good spirits can harm you. Why take a chance?