Pictures of Gabby Petito

Our hearts dropped when we heard the tragic news that Gabby Petito was found, and her death saddened us. She was a happy and young girl with an optimistic personality and too young to die. She was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with a makeshift grave that one of her relatives made. 

Her disappearance dominated headline news and social media users to find her. We have all become internet detectives trying to find a missing person. 

We comb through every video and dissect them because we have a side hustle that we can be detectives. Or we have an intuition of higher energy, like a six to eight sense that we can pick energy. You can work as a paranormal investigator or medium. No offense.  

Anyway, please leave it to the experts such as the FBI and their team of investigators. I know we like to help to find Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. So, more clues will come out soon. 

Sorry for the sarcasm, and no offense to anyone, but let them do their job. They don’t want misinformation to cause something else wrong. Like a hoodie in a forest, it could be a bear. Bears can climb trees. 

Now they must investigate the whereabouts of her fiancé, Brain Laundrie. He is the person of interest. Could he be the killer? We don’t know. That’s why he is hiding. The news media wants to know why? And what they do best is give it a new twist. It’s like a movie of the week, more drama. Give it ten years from now. And we will be surprised at what really happened to her. 

Missing Person 

Did you know that the FBI reported 95,000 active missing person cases? Could it be anyone? You see it in your local news, and people go missing every day either they come back alive or end up somewhere else; that’s the tragic part. 

In July of 2021, Daniel Robinson, 24, from Buckeye, Arizona, went missing. Then later, four miles, he was mangled to death. The investigation utilized every resource to find the killer. 

Miliete, mother of three, 39, had been missing since January 7, 2021, in Chula Vista, California, near San Diego. 

Jelani day, 25, from Illinois State University. She was last seen in Bloomington, Illinois, on August 24, 2021. The police found her car a day later in a wooded area sixty miles away near Peru. Her mother said it’s not like him to disappear without calling. 

What do these cases have in common? They never got national coverage. Why? I am not going in that direction; it’s political. But their local news is covering it, and soon they will be unsolved or solved because of the lack of witnesses and coverage of the crimes. 

Crimes are rising in America every day. What can we do? Is to survive in this world. For example, carry trackers in case we lose a loved one. A cell phone could work, but that can be lost or fallen when we hike in the woods. Why would we hike in the woods? Get closer to nature? If a bear sees you. You should run. There’s the morning exercise that you need. 

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