The verdict is in and the shock and awe were wide spread over the decision making of the jury of Casey Anthony killing her daughter.

What I don’t know to understand, is that they put real killers in jail of killing their children. Casey Anthony case killed her own daughter. I rather hear it from the gray or colored duct tape itself.

She was found not guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter. She was found guilty of four lesser charges of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. That’s a crime, if you lie to cops and commit a crime that’s an obstructive to the truth, that’s a motive.

She didn’t want anyone to know what happened to her daughter, including her grand parents and friends. Even the grand parents wanted to cover up the situation of their daughter crime.

The jury’s decision of the case was not good. I know they have to pick the juries which have not heard about the case. They picked the retire OJ trail jury team to decide on the case and this made everyone dizzy. Going around and around.

The jury team was so blind sided. Some of them haven’t taken any notes and most of then doodling and drawing. I think they were playing Angry Birds on their cell phone, while the attorney and prosecutor were presenting their case.

The jury members have to remember this was a homicide case and the evidence lies of who killed Caylee. If this was their child or someone else child and murderer were the parents, and the evidence doesn’t lead to parents. It’s a complex math problem. Someone has to know who killed her.  And a pretty good liar.

The juried relied on the evidence, but the evidence must have a motive. Who did it? We all smart and if we want to cover something that we did, we clean the evidence and blame someone else for the crime. And what we do with the evidence, we could dump it, burry it, or even burn it.  Wild Fires!!

Casey Anthony will suffer. It’s her daughter. She will have nightmares and a guilty conscious. Her conscious will tell her what to do. Forget about the suicide watch on her, but I am sorry. She will have nightmares. She did this to herself. She lied to hide the truth. She has to live with this guilt. How long does she have to suffer? Is she pregnant with another child? Who will take care of the new daughter? Will she live? Where’s the father of Caylee Anthony? Incest? That’s impossible. That’s the mystery we will never know. Will it come out, eventually it will, some day? She will be arrested for lying to law enforcement officers. She will have time to think and think of something clever to get out. Will she confess behind bars?

However, the evidence points back to Casey Anthony’s negligence of leaving the child alone, if the child is with her grand parents, the grand parents should have watched their child. It’s their responsibilities. We don’t leave a child alone not a single second.  Maybe the grand parents decided to kill Caylee being negligence of leaving things around and not watching where the child is doing the whole time. Maybe that’s the motive.

Jose Baez keeps dancing around with the evidence. He can be on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars, or should I say “Dancing with the Evidence”, he’s a smart guy and knows how to work the court. But stick with the facts, even though his client is guilty of the crime and he keeps stating the facts of the evidence was inconclusive the CSI team did not gather the facts properly. Sued the CSI team of gathering the evidence right, they did a shitty job.

Jose Baez is a great lawyer, and lawyers make good liars in court, and it is so manipulative to change the jury’s mind. What is he hiding? Time will tell and time will come.  This drama will never end. Another chapter unfolds.  So wonder our soap’s opera on ABC are canceled. People are watching Court TV for the drama.

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