Jodi and Travis Story

Jodi & TravisWhen I heard another woman committed a crime and killing her boyfriend, she could easily dumped the guy, why go all the way and stabbing him.  This was an unusual case a fatal attraction gone wrong. Jodi Arias took it too far and makes national news and now a TV movie about the crime she did.  She was found guilty.

The role of Jodi will be played Tania Raymonde from “Lost” can’t find no good movies parts might as well do true crime TV of the week.  NBC used to do this back in the early 1990’s making true crime movies of the week, which will bring up the NBC ratings.  Do a simulcast broadcast on NBC and Lifetime, which will bring up the ratings for NBC.

“The Jodi Arias Story” great title for the movie, the movie is being filmed in the Los Angeles area. Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder last Wednesday in the death of her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who she stabbed 29 times, including slashing his throat, and shot once in the head on June 4, 2008, according to trial testimony.  Wow stabbing, slashing  and shooting, oh my.

Jesse Lee Soffer of “The Mob Doctor” is playing Alexander and “will bring home the fact that a young man died needlessly here.” The network hopes to bring to life Arias’ and Alexander’s relationship “in a way that only movies can.”

Jesse is a handsome fellow and he brings the humanity to Travis. Jesse understands that Travis was a charismatic young man, and a successful motivational speaker. We see why Jodi fell for him. And for the Jodi, sexually pleasure, with all the moaning and groaning of love making. Which will include dirty phone calls, naked pictures, and sextexting on cell phones with all lot of drop calls, it was second hand cell phone.  They were young couple in love and they had kinky sex. The director had a challenge and what to show on basic cable channel.

The story is the point of view of Travis when he was victim and Jodi did and what she did, before he got killed. People would be fascinated with Jodi and Travis relationship and how it ended.

The movie will premiere on Lifetime channel in June 2013.

One thought on “Jodi and Travis Story

  1. If only Travis did not threaten to kill Jodi, then he would be able to defend himself. Fortunately, true-Justice was already served. Thanks Jodi.

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