America’s Got Talent is Back!

America's Got Talent - Season 12

Stop what you are doing and mark your calendar for a date with your TV, that’s right America’s Got Talent is back and on NBC and NBC is must see TV this summer of 2017.

Even though we missed Nick Cannon as the host of AGT, but the acts were incredible to watch last night!

I don’t care if you despise the judge’s decision, but sometimes they will give the contestant a second chance and great advice to succeed to the next round, they want the contestant to be better than the first time they did a minute ago, that’s a good thing.


Darci Lyne

Mel B used the Golden Button for the cute and adorable Darci Lynn and her singing rabbit, the rabbit, sang ‘Summer Time’ I hope she prepared for the live show sometime in August.

Oh my god, the singing trump. Who is this Donald Trump impersonator? He did a fantastic performance. I don’t care who is this person. He did a fantastic.  Can we vote for this guy? This video will go viral overnight and throughout the weeks, maybe months or years! Maybe for the second term – too far? I meant the second round!

Must watch. Just watch it!!


preacher lawson

Preacher Lawson is a hilarious comedian. His jokes are funny, and he used his body and facial movement to show the physicality of the joke. He made me laugh and I choke on a banana. If he doesn’t make it, I hope someone is watching him and give this guy more gigs or even a TV appearance and acting.

Will Tsai is a magician, and this was his first time performing magic in front of AGT audience. I never saw this before. I had to stop washing dishes to watch his performance. He did a cards and coins trick. His magic was extraordinary. I bet every magician and spectator want to dissect his magic and how he did it. Please don’t spoil his magic. Magic is supposed to fun and entertaining to watch, is not how he did it. Let magicians do their magic that’s entertaining to watch!


JUnior and Emily

Junior & Emily Alabi they are incredible dancers, and they are brother and sister team. I am glad his sister is keeping him straight with the danger of society pressuring him to do drugs and alcohol, that’s not good. We need guidance in the family. And their father is happy!


Puddles Pity Party, I really don’t like clowns, but this clown was a sad clown, and he was magnificence he sang Sia’s Chandelier, and he was fantastic.

Please watch America’s Got Talent and see what other talents are coming, they might even surprise us. You will never know if you watch it! Mark it on your DVR to auto-tune and watch it live when it comes on, why watch it later, that’s family hour for the whole two hours.


Trent Howard wins American Idol

Would you believe this is the last year of American Idol? It’s been on the air since the summer of 2002 for a trail run, and then it got picked for very winter spring seasons for the following year.

So now, the judges will either go on their separate ways or work together.

So no more of American Idol lights off, what’s left is Voice and America’s Got Talent on NBC.

And now for the final curtain for American Idol season 15 and the winner for the 2016 is



Trent and LaPorsha

Congratulations to Trent Howard and La’Porsha Renae, they are both winners of American Idol. They both get a record contract and if they sell, then it is good all the contestants are winners in American Idol.

American Idol: the Farewell Season

Sonika Vaid was eliminated on the show on March 24, 2016.
Sonika Vaid was eliminated on the show on March 24, 2016.

If you have been watching American Idol: The Farewell Season, you may know it is still on and some of your favorites already gone. Why? Have you been watching it or voting your favorites to stay.

Basketball is good and rooting for your favorite team. But what about American Idol? Root for them and vote for them. The presidential debates are boring because they are repeating the same questions of what they would do as presidential and how would they fix the situation.

Soon American Idol will be gone forever. No more talented people will be discovered, they have to do it the hard way: audition and get rejected, that’s no good. American Idol has discovered many talented singers. Some of them got Grammies and working as actors on television shows such as Scorpion and Good Luck Charlie (2010 – 2014) and other prominent shows.

Simon Cowell was a great judge and that’s why we loved to watch him, his blunt positive criticism on contestants to become better singer. And he was funny with his remarks. Does that sound like Donald Trump? He’s a handful, let’s nominated Simon Cowell for President.

Simon Cowell retired from American Idol in 2010 and ever since, it is struggling to stay in the top 20. We need some shows that show case talented people and make their dream come true.


Simon Cowell has another gig this summer; he will co-judge America’s Got Talent this summer of 2016, which will be interesting to watch.

Last shows for American Idol for 2016 are March 31, April 6 and 7 8pm on FOX network, watch it LIVE or DVR it.

X-Factor: Khaya Cohen and Tim Olstad Going Home

We lose two x-factor contestants; it was Khaya Chohen and Tim Olstad. It was Britain music for the night at the X-factor.

Khaya sang “Let it Be” by the Beatles. She could have sung another Britain musician like Amy Winehouse and she will stay. The Beatles were the pioneer of the music industry in the UK.  Beatles songs are great, they have wonderful songs and the contestants sang them good, but aren’t we tired to hear Beatles song sung by the contestants. They have other British performers.

“How do you feel?” Mario asked.

“I feel okay. It kind of suck but I am going to keep going for what I going for in this competition. It was a pleasant experience” Khaya  said.

Demi mention that she has one of the best voices and don’t stop singing and she would make it.  Would she go to Broadway?  Or find a new life in California and get a record contract.

Then it was down to two boys, the judges have to save one of them.  Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad, this is difficult for Paulino she had to let go one of them. They were both incredible singers. This happened to Paula Abdul during the first season of the xfactor, she had difficult time to let one of them to go. The host has to remind Paulino to make a decision.  The final verdict came from Kelly Rowland, Paulino and Demi it was time for Tim to go home.  Simon Cowell did not get a chance to vote.  One of these days, it will be a dead lock when the judges cannot decided and they go by the TV audience votes.

The judges don’t care. If the judges wanted their contestants to succeed in this competition, they have to help them out and what they need to be a winner. Don’t blame the contestants. They have to give their best performance. Blame the mentors; they pick their song for they can sing.

For America voters you have to vote for your favorites and keep them in running to be the next X-factor. The judges influence did not help the America voters. America people have to vote for their favorites and keep them for they can win, more like a popularity contest, that’s why Khaya left.

The results why the people are not voting, is because one of his act went home and with the glitch they had and why they have to perform again, probably not enough votes. Therefore, the contestants have to sing again and the contestants pick the song they like to sing. Simon’s team stayed. And when Sweet Suspense went home a week ago, Simon admitted the results were a joke. Meaning, what was America people doing when they watch the show and the judges urges America people to vote for their favorite for they can stay in the competition. Of course, it was America fault for not voting. The Xfactor want to make a star out of the contestants. If American does not like the judges and their opinion, vote for favorite and they could stay and prove the contestants do have talent.

Why two people left last week, probably they wanted to compete with The Voice and Dancing with The Stars.  The shows will be too close with each other and who will watch? It looks they wanted to end the show in December before Christmas.  Will they be another double elimination coming up next weeks to come? Thanksgiving and Christmas will be coming soon.


Xfactor: Good bye Sweet Suspense and Rachel Porter

Sweet Suspense
Sweet Suspense

As you may it’s a sad day, Sweet Suspense was eliminated from the Xfactor.

Demi Lovato was too smart and to admit, that Sweet Suspense performance was not great, they were good. It must have been the blue dye from her hair, which sinks into her brain.  Sweet Suspense was great even though Simon picked a fun song and a recognizable song. He could have picked a better fun song from the 1980’s that we never heard of and put a spin of the original song and they could have stayed. Or blame American people for not voting for their favorite contestants. It must have been the female fans, who like the boy singers on the show.

Birmingham native Millie Thrasher and her group, Sweet Suspense, were the first act eliminated tonight on “The X Factor.” The pop trio left the Fox reality series within the first 15 minutes of the broadcast, and there was no opportunity for a judges’ save or last-chance sing-off.

Thrasher, 14, leaves the show after making it into the ranks of the top 12 finalists. “We’re just so grateful to be here and the fact that you put us together and gave us a whole new experience. So happy to have these two amazing girls beside me” Millie Thrasher said. After host Mario Lopez delivered the bad news.

Sweet Suspense’s mentor, Simon Cowell, appeared surprised and disgruntled when the results from viewer voting were announced. Sweet Suspense had performed Toni Basil’s “Mickey” on Wednesday’s broadcast, relying on his guidance and advice.

“I can’t believe it they were fantastic last night. Girls it was not your fault. I don’t  know what happen here. I don’t want to be rude there were other acts that were worse.” Simon said. He was shocked to hear Sweet Suspense going home  that evening.  The remaining judges love there performance, but Demi said it worst performance. She was shaking her head and not blaming the group, of course it was Demi remarks that they went home. Demi did not want to say anything.

“The journey is just beginning!” quoted by Mille Thrasher on her Twitter account.

Selena Gomez performed her song:

5th Harmony performed their song

5th Harmony

Khaya Cohen
Khaya Cohen

Khaya Cohen was saved by the judges because of her impressive vocals when she sang “Just don’t give up on me”

“How did you feel?” Mario Asked

“I feel good. I really wanted to sing that song. So if I am stuck in the bottom two I know. I made it.” Khaya Cohen said.

So Rachel Porter is going home.

Why do the judges can’t make a quick decision they know Mario is the MC of the show and he is constant talking to the producer and director through his earpiece? Make a quick decision. Demi is not the MC of the show Mario is the host of the show. One of these days they will have dead lock decision and Mario have to give the results of who will win that round.


XFactor: It’s 80’s night and one eliminated

It’s eighty’s night on the x-factor last night, but last week no one went home because the votes were not counted, but the X-factor had technical difficulties with their graphics department but they fixed it overnight. It was crunch time with the performance on last Thursday and they had to squeeze 13 acts for one hour. The contestants pulled it off and they sang great.

Carlos Guvera

Carlos Guvera, Paulina Boys, went home last night.  “It’s been the best experience of my life and I got to whatever I do and these guys are my best friends and they are going to be awesome,” Carlos said.

“You are inspiration so honor to be working with you. The hearts of all America you did was great. Keep going, keep doing and a champion” Paulino said to Carlos on his departure to fame when leaving X-factor.

Lille McCloud

Lillie McCloud, in 1986 her stage name was Nicole McCloud and she had a single called “Don’t you want me” it was hit that did not go too far. She was so close to make it as a singer. She can sing. She has that drive to be successful. When she audition the doors were always closing on her, but she has to focus on her children and be a mother to her children. Tonight she sang Chaka Khan “Ain’t nobody” She was good and she shined on stage. She had a wonderful time and determine to win the competition.

Carlito Olivero

Carlito Olivero his father and family flew in from Chicago to give him support. He doesn’t want to work behind the bar and be server. He wants to have a singing career. His father his proud of him and this give him the motivation to be a better performance.  Tonight Carlito  sang “Rhythm is going to get you”  and the rhythm did get him and he was great.  He needs to be suave and cool. Demi like the dancers instead of his performance, maybe the blue hair dye seek into Demi’s head and causing her to seep into her brain..

Rion Page

Rion Page 13, she wasn’t born in the 1980’s she thought the Spice Girls were in the 1980 that was the 1990’s. She sang, “We belong together” by Pat Benedar a fantastic performer. She’s a hard worker and a great performer and she brings out the best in her performance. Even though the track broke in the middle of the song, she sang it. Did not notice.

Sweet Suspense is sang Toni Basil “Nicki” a cheerleader song.  I remember this song. Even my school in the 1984 used this song for the cheerleader routine for the pep rally. The cheerleaders were hot back then, that was then. Now the Sweet Suspense girls rock the song on stage. The song is a fun song and they are young. But hard work pays off when they have to practice. The girls rock their performance. Even the girls dressed like in 1980’s when they go to school. It was the best performance of the night. The blue dye in Demi  hair was still seeping into her brain.

Tim Olstad sang “Against all Odds” Paulino told him to sing it and make it his own. When Tim read his Twitter feed Sarah Hyland from ‘Modern Family’ on ABC contact him to have dinner and him practical advice.

One of Sarah Hyland advice for Tim she mention. “It’s naturally to be nervous. Take everything in and let it go. Through your voice and show emotion. Good luck. Be Confident and show emotion” Sarah Hyland said. Great advice from Sarah.

This is Tim dream and he really want to make it in this competition of the Xfactor, if not someone please give him a chance. He deserve it.

“Tim gave it all And his best.” Paulino said

The rest of the judges disagree with Tim. I hope people voted for him to stay. Keep him.

Khaya Cohen

Khaya Cohen sang “Boderline.”by Madona The song is more like her style she have to bring her best performance on stage.  She was absolutely fantastic. Even Demi was happy and giggling when Khaya came close to Demi and Simon.  She’s now showing personality and confident. She keeps getting better. Her best performance for the night.  Is Demi jealous from the other contestants, but she likes her own team.

Restless Road

Restless Road sang Footloose and it was a fun  song.  Remember when having fun, they have to work hard in bringing their performance to the stage? That’s what they did.  They cut loose and they bring their Sunday shoes.

Rachel Potter started singing in 1989 and sang silly songs and dance. What she has to do is stay consistent, take a moment, stay within the zone, and use emotion when singing. Last night she sang “How do I get you alone now.” She’s an amazing singer and a proper song to perform and she wanted to be country singer.

Ellona Santiago

Ellona Santiago sang “I Wanted To Dance with Somebody.” Her performance was great and she looked good. She has a great voice and she doesn’t need the background dancers. Her voice commands the room.

Simon Cowell in 1980’s

Simon Cowell 1980

Josh Levi

Joss Levi sang “Straight Up” Paula Abdul song.  He sang and dance. In able to sing and dance he has to breath between the singing and dancing. He is a good performance and a great singer.

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt sang “Dying into your arms tonight.” What causes his sleeping problem, lay off the caffeine at night. Soda and Coffee is a huge factor.  Do some breathing exercise. Watch an old boring show like the American Inventor Simon Cowell produced the series, it put my cat to sleep. He got a perfect song and it was a great performance.  He rocked it!

Alex and Seria. Seria got talent, she can do an Irish dance. She kicked her leg up.  They sang Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer. Alex and Seria are perfect for each other and great performance from the both of them, even though they sang in different cubbies they still sang good when they sang in box and came out of the box.

CeCe and Diamond X’ed out on the Xfactor

CeCe Fray
CeCe Fray


Diamond WhiteCeCe Frey and Diamond White was eliminated from the Xfactor competition and further their career as the next generation of pop singer. They took rejection professional as their names were called, it’s not the end of them, it’s a beginning of stardom as pop singers.

Melanie Amaro won last year of the Xfactor 2011, and she performed her song on top of a ladder, that’s not safe for her, what happens if she falls.  The ground level would be better.

First to go CeCe Frey, she did a great performance of Katy Perry “Part of me” and she looked absolute hot, meant beautiful. She did not grab people attention to vote for her even though it was Demi Lavato mentor. At least she had a make over to look like a star that would give her a break to  become a music artist and singer. I hope Demi Lovato  continues to help her out to pursue her singing career.

A performance by Ke$ha sang “Come on” she’s incredible performance.

The judges decided to send Diamond White home over the Simon Cowell’s Fifth Harmony. It wasn’t easy for the judges. Demi Lavota was right, she see’s the potentially of one of the singers in Fifth Harmony to become a solo singer career.

So top performers for this week are:

1 Tate Stevens

2 Carly Rose Sonnenclar

3 Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

The end is coming and who will win the Xfactor ? It’s a toss up. But be sure to do your part and vote for your favor on the Xfactor.