So NBC ratings are going down and not good-quality  shows on NBC lately, but the only surviving show on NBC lately is not the Law & Order shows, it’s “Chuck” it’s Emmy nominated shows for best stunt work in a TV series, and it had the best stunt work ever and mind blowing stunts, but they come out without a scratch.

Where would NBC pick another show that will have great action and stunts? They did 91 episodes. They took one year off just because there was a late-night TV show that came on 10pm until it moved back to it regular time slot. I still watch it every night. I need my late-night comedy from Jay Leno. He makes me laugh, and I get my news from him. He is still funny as ever.  “Chuck” premier in the fall of 2007.

Anyway, if you missed the show, “Chuck” was a great action, comedy and adventure show, for the whole family – maybe a little. It’s fantastic show.

The show was about to be cancel and yet somehow the fans started to save the show, by going to Subway and order the foot-long sandwiches. Going to its web page and writing to save the show.

The final episode started with Sarah with the full intersect brain and no memory. Her task was to kill Chuck, her boyfriend and partner in the first hour. She was brainwashed to do so. And she nearly succeeded too. However, even as we watched Sarah and Chuck’s scuffle and experience some close calls. That wasn’t nice, Chuck is a nice and loving boyfriend, but she was brainwashed by the evil villain to do this on Chuck. It’s TV the good guys will win. But the story was great.

Since Sarah got her wits but no memory, Chuck became determined to win her love again, the Chuck we know was a successful hacking skill. I’ll be the first to admit. It was adorable to watch him to do his best. And even better was watching him woo Sarah in the same geeky manner that caused viewers to fall in love with him. But, as we prepared for the inevitable goodbye to the series, it felt even more special to watch it unfold all over again in double-time. (The restaurant! The dancing! Weinerlicious!)

The climax was at the opera house to diffuse a bomb that was attached to the General chair and would blow if the music stopped. But Chuck found himself with a choice. Use the intersect to stop the bomb or use it to restore Sarah’s memory.  With lives in balance, he made the natural (but difficult) choice to use the Intersect for himself. When the music stopped and the bomb was about to blow up Jeffster, an employee at the Buy More store wanted to be a spy too, he accompanied up by strings, and he played the 80’s classic “Take on Me” is a song by the Norwegian pop band A-ha, that saved the day and Chuck with the intersect in his head diffused the bomb.

So Chuck saved the day, all the while keeping the hope that something, anything, would bring Sarah back to him. (He was encouraged.) Sarah remembered the Irene Demova Virus from their first mission and helped him diffuse the bomb. Sarah didn’t get her memory back.

The funny thing? There were still happy endings aplenty. Jeffster got a German record deal. Subway took over the Buy More. Casey (Chuck Spy Partner) went after Verbanski, Morgan(Chuck’s best-friend) moved in with Alex(Morgan’s Girlfriend) , and Ellie and  Devon Woodcomb (Chuck’s sister and Brother –in-law) moved to Chicagoto take prestigious positions at a hospital.

Chuck? Well, he went to Sarah, who was sitting on the beach, confused as ever, and upon her request, recounted their story. He told her everything, from the time they met to their wedding, not leaving out a single crazy situation, story or costume. And when all was said and done, he turned to her. “Morgan has this crazy idea,” he told her. “He thinks that with one kiss, you’ll remember everything.”

“One magical kiss?” she asked.

“Yeah, it..”

“Chuck,” she interrupted, “kiss me.”

And he did.

And then it was over.

But we know what happened.

Everybody went on their separate goals in life, riding into the sunset and going in their different direction, for Sarah and Chuck a new slate and the beginning of their relationship without being spies.  The End.