Ghost hand Prints

In Jackson County, NC. The story is that 15 or 16 little kids got detention at an Elementary school and were locked in the boiler room. The boiler exploded and killed the kids.

Now if you go late at night then you can hear screams, sometimes you will see little kids, if you take pictures and get developed you will see orbs and strange smoke that is in the shape of people. But when you look at the spots in person there is nothing, but in the picture, there is freaky stuff. On the walls in the boiler room, there are child size handprints burned into the wall.

Ghost Chiildren

In 2005, no screaming was detected but strange paranormal stuff.  A well-defined shadow of a little kid was seen through one of the glass doors in the school. The investigators watched this figure move from side to side of the door and then it walked toward them through the door and stood still for around 30 seconds.

All of the sudden it bends down and got into like a 3-point stance and then jumped toward them. They turned on the lights on there was nothing there.

They placed a voice recorder in the boiler room as well and got what sounded to be a heart that kept getting faster and louder and then made one loud beat and stopped.

Also, there was a loud moaning throughout the whole schoolhouse from the pipes but there was no heat going through the pipes so I have no clue because that would be making noise.

An update to make on the school was that it was demolished a year ago and made into a park for the community.

Ever since they made the park where the old middle school was, other sights have been reported. Again.

This is a true story.

What’s that behind you?