I have been watching America’s Got Talent since the beginning of season 15 this summer of 2020, and I am a fan of the show. Then things change ever since the virus is spreading. It slowed down the production and made it different. 

What America’s Got Talent did, they used their creativity and brought the audience to a virtual audience and superfans to the show on huge monitors, a whole different ball game. Is this part of the future of TV going to be? Will we have virtual audiences? We don’t know. Things have changed for the TV industry. 

Anyway, Kelly Clarkson is the guest host or a substitute host while Simon Cowell is out. He got injured on an Ebike, and he is recovering from injury. Hopefully, he will get well soon. The show is impossible without Simon Cowell as a judge, and Kelly Clarkson is not bad herself. She’s doing the Kelly Clarkson Show, and The Voice. She’s still my idol. 

Tuesday night was an incredible night for performers. Some of them appeared around the Universal lot on different sound stages and the area. The Universal lot looks fantastic. Wow. 

The performers were Pork Chop Revue, Feng E, Shaquira McGrath, Simon and Maria, Frenchie Baby, Bello, and Annaliese Nock, Roberta Battaglia, Michael Yo, Double Dragon, Brett Loudermilk, and Archie Williams. 

Brett Loudermilk and Sophia Vegara

Brett Loudermilk, Feng E, and Double Dragon were the bottom three and in danger. They can only be saved if you click here. You have to vote to keep your favorites to win the show. This is not a presidential election; that’s another show. 

The contestants that were saved are Archie Williams, Shaquira McGrath, and Roberta Battaglia. The Dunkin save voted for Brett Loudermilk. The judges saved Double Dragon. 

If you are a fan of America’s Got Talent, you have to vote. If you don’t, your favorite will not win. 

Did your favorite acts stay? Which one is your favorite?

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