When this virus is over, I hope we can go to one of the American Idol winners concerts or their backyard. This is different for American Idol, and it took a while to set it up and made it possible to perform at home.  

As you may know, the judges reveal their top 10 on Sunday night, and they added one more to the list. 

Here’s what happened:

Louis Knight sang Coldplay’s “In My Place,” and his voice and vocals were fantastic. He reminds of One Direction, but he was good, and he delivered pizza as a side business. His front porch looked terrific. He was just fantastic.  

Julia Gargano sang Billy Joel, “New York State of Mind.” When this virus is over, I want to go to a bar and see her perform. Her voice is incredible. I would drink my soda shaken and stir. Her performance was excellent, and she looks stunning. Vote for her.   

Jovin Webb sang Allen Stone’s  “Voodoo,” another excellent performance. Maybe he is putting some Voodoo spell on us to vote for him, and it is working. I love his performance and a great backdrop. Wow. It looks like each contestant is their set designer too. 

Grace Leer sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. Wow, that voice.  I am glad American idols fans are voting for her and putting her through. Amazing. Whoever is designing the backdrop is fantastic and the cinematographer too. Vote for her. 

Jonny West sang Journey’s Faithfully beautiful. Don’t make him go away. Vote for this guy. His performance was fantastic. Vote for him. 

Sophia James sang The Beach Boys’ “In My Room,” this was a fantastic performance, and she was singing in her room. Incredible vocals and great personality. Please vote for her.  

Arthur Gunn sang John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads. He definitely will be in the top 5. His voice and vocals are still fantastic. I bet the neighbors are having a free concert of his performance.  

Just Sam sang Bill Whither’s Grandma’s Hands. Even though she’s socially distancing herself from her grandmother, she paid tribute to her biggest fan from a distance. It would be nice to have family close by to celebrate. She did an excellent performance. So glad for her. 

Dillion James sang “Yesterday” by the Beatles. The classic is always the best, and he sang it perfectly. He does look like a similar version of Lana Del Rey, and it seems like he could be a rocker in some way. His rendition of the song is good. 

Francisco Martin sang James Arthur “Falling Like the Stars” wow very powerful, emotional, and authentic, that was good.  Who is falling in love with his performance and making the stars fall, that’s a pun? Fantastic voice. 

What that’s it, there’s one more…

Makayla Phillips sang Miranda Lambert’s  “The House that Built Me.” I am glad the judges save her. Even though American Idol fans disagree with the judges, she deserves to be in the top 11. I hope she stays in the competition. Her vocals are perfect, her vocal range, and she has a fabulous stage presence. 

The song was perfect for her, and she connected to the audience. 

That’s what the judges are looking for and a fantastic backyard performance for the neighbors. She’s a star. Please vote for her. 

The others who did not go through did a fantastic job. They were good too. American people voted, and if you think the show is rigged again for the past years.  Go ahead and think like that. All you have to do is vote.  Their career is not ruined; they will succeed in the music or acting industry; either way, they will succeed. 

By the way, the show will end in May. Vote for your favorite. 

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